Not like the movies <3

Louis and Racheal have been best friends science they were in napies. When Louis moved to London from Australia they grew further and further apart. They lost contact all together. What happens when Racheal's mum and dad go away for some "alone time"? Will Racheal have her fairytail ending or will it turn into a nightmare?

This is my first book sooo please give me some feed back thankyoou <3 and please read my new book story of my life thankyoou <3


2. OMG!!!

Racheal P.O.V

I grab two glasses of juice and bring them over to the lounge. Victoria grabs the juice. "thanks" she takes a sip and places the glass on the glass coffee table. There was about a 5 minute silence then Victoria said "You know what we should do?" "This cant be good" "no its actually a good idea!" "Ok what?" "Well i was thinking that scince your boyfriend Greg can drive now he could maybe take us to the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!!!!" "AHHHHHHH OMG WHEN DID U GET THESE???" "Yesturday i got them off some guy off the streets! how cools that!?!?!" "Victoria thats not cool thats kinda like the black market how could u do that!?!?!" Who cares we got tickets come on lighten up a little pleaseeeeeee" " ok fine " "one more surprise they are VIP TICKETS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!" "OMG YOUR LIKE THE BESTEST FRIEND IN THE HISTORY OF BEST FRIENDS!!" "so now u love me hahah" We talked for about another 30 min then Victoria left to go home. It was about 10:30. CRAP! Im late!


sorry for the short chapter :(

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