Not like the movies <3

Louis and Racheal have been best friends science they were in napies. When Louis moved to London from Australia they grew further and further apart. They lost contact all together. What happens when Racheal's mum and dad go away for some "alone time"? Will Racheal have her fairytail ending or will it turn into a nightmare?

This is my first book sooo please give me some feed back thankyoou <3 and please read my new book story of my life thankyoou <3



Greg's P.O.V

Where the hell is she!?!?!? "Your coffee sir" a lady with long black flowing hair. She was stunning! Could i really be cheating on Racheal!?!! "thanks" i took a sip, she was still standing there to see if i liked. Did i like it i LOVED IT! I started up a convosation with her. "Whats your name georgous?" she giggled and answered "Ellie" I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I handed her my number and kissed her lightly on the cheek, she smiled and walked away.


Racheal's P.O.V

Did i really just see that?I know it was only on the cheek but seriously he has a girlfriend. I walked over to greg and stood next to him with my hands on my hips looking dissapointed. "Having fun?" "RACHEAL! I was just um ah ah ummm" He looked sorry but a face can hide millions of thoughts. I was not falling for it.I looked in to his hazel eyes giving him dirty looks. I slap him across the face. "What was that for!?!!" "What do you think?" I stormed off, jumped in the first taxi i saw and went to the park.

I love going to the park it very peaceful and realaxing

TEXT FROM VICTORIA: Meet me at the mall in 10 please we have to talk. -V XOXO

What now? I start walking to the i see Victoria sitting at the smothie bar i walk over and greet her with a hug. She look a bit sad but kinda happy at the same time. "I have something to tell you but im not sure your ready for it" "Come on im a big girl i can handle"she grabbed my arm and took me to the bathroom so we could talk in private. Whats wrong with Victoria?


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