Not like the movies <3

Louis and Racheal have been best friends science they were in napies. When Louis moved to London from Australia they grew further and further apart. They lost contact all together. What happens when Racheal's mum and dad go away for some "alone time"? Will Racheal have her fairytail ending or will it turn into a nightmare?

This is my first book sooo please give me some feed back thankyoou <3 and please read my new book story of my life thankyoou <3


9. I'm soooo sorry!

Racheal's P.O.V

Did he seriously just ask me to sleep with him!??! We only just meant today.....well again. "umm Louis" "yes" "we pretty much only just meet" "oh no i mean it in a friendship way" "oh ok hehe" We walk up to Louis's bedroom, he gives me one of his old t-shirts to wear to bed. I go and get changed in the bathroom and he gets changed in his room. I finish getting dressed and walk out of the bathroom.......... i forgit about Louis. "OMG i'm sooo sorry Louis" he stands there half naked, i stare but it's soo darn hard not to look away. I quickly go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet wondering what i did.

**Sorry for the short chapter :(**


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