Not like the movies <3

Louis and Racheal have been best friends science they were in napies. When Louis moved to London from Australia they grew further and further apart. They lost contact all together. What happens when Racheal's mum and dad go away for some "alone time"? Will Racheal have her fairytail ending or will it turn into a nightmare?

This is my first book sooo please give me some feed back thankyoou <3 and please read my new book story of my life thankyoou <3


4. Are you sure?

Victoria's P.O.V

I start to tear up abit, I wonder if she will believe? I look into her green/blue eyes."um i i i i i'm pregnet" "Holy crap whos baby" "Well i actually i know one direction and i have been having a secret relationship with Harry" "Why didnt you tell me?" "Cause i didnt know how u would react i mean come on im 19" "Thats not even young to have a baby some people have babies when they are 16!" "What do u think my mum and dad will say" "Your mum and dad live in Paris, you dont need to worry about them right now" "I guess so, im so happy i have a friend like you" We hug and walk out of the bathroom. Racheal starts to talk "I have a confession to make" "What is it Racheal?" "I may know one of the members on one direction" "Really which one?" "Louis" "OMG he keeps on talking about a girl that liives in Australia, he must not know you live in London" "Yeah but anyway" "Maybe you could come with me tonight, im going to their apartment for dinner" "Dont they live in the same apartment building as me?" "Yes, thats only for a little while but they are doing concerts and stuff before they leave to go to Glasgow" "How long are they staying for?" "About 1 month, maybe you could charm your way into Louis's life" Racheal hits me playfully on the arm. "Oh sorry i forgot you had a boyfriend" "Not anymore i caught him flirting with some waitress at the little bean coffee shop" "What did she look like?" "ummmm black hair, blue eyes and tanned skin" Uh oh thats my sister how am i going to tell her?

Racheal's P.O.V

Did Victoria know something that i didnt? "ummm Rach" "yeah" "that was my sister" "are you kidding me?!!?!?" "no" "how could she do that?" "i dunno, one question how did u know it was her?" "well she usually has her hair up in a bun it was down today." "i guess i will get her to say sorry to you and give Greg back his number" "no dont, Greg is a doosh he can stuff it" "thats my girl" we hug and go our separarte ways. Victoria says she will meet me at my apartment so we can get ready together. I go home to have a power nap before the big night. I just remembered the one direction concert is tomorrow, better not have to many drinks! I chuckle a bit at my self and doze off.

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