Not like the movies <3

Louis and Racheal have been best friends science they were in napies. When Louis moved to London from Australia they grew further and further apart. They lost contact all together. What happens when Racheal's mum and dad go away for some "alone time"? Will Racheal have her fairytail ending or will it turn into a nightmare?

This is my first book sooo please give me some feed back thankyoou <3 and please read my new book story of my life thankyoou <3


1. Act normal.

Racheal's P.O.V

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-* I throw my alarm clock on the ground not caring if i damage it. I start dozing off again but i force myself to jump out of bed. I look out my window to hear police cars going everywhere. "Whats going on?" I grab my dressing gown and i take the elevator down from my apartment. I dont know why but i kept pressing buttons trying to make it go faster. My brown knotty hair keep getting in my eyes. I go searching in my pockets of my dressing gown to look for some bobbie pins. I find 1 and pin my hair back.


I finally reach the lobby and speed walk out the front. As im just about to go out the door i get knocked over by screaming girls with signs. I try to read whats on the signs but i was more focused on getting out of the way. I end up crawling over to the side of the lobby to see my best friend Victoria come to help me up. "what are you doing on the ground?" she laughed. "Long story short" She helps me stand up, i brush myself off and stand next to Victoria. I finally read whats on the sign....... in two words it was ONE DIRECTION!!! I do a little happy ddance in my head im pretty sure Victoria was doing the same.


Vistoria's P.V.O

"Somebody pinch me" i say in a dazed tone. So guess what Racheal does...... she pinches me. She giggles a bit and runs off to the elavator. I race after her trying to catch her. I just miss her the door just closed as i got there. I bash on the elvator door playfully. I hear another elavtor door open and i race to it.

When i reach Racheals unit i go straight to the door and try to open it. Smart girl she locked it! Lucky i have got long nail i pick the lock walk inside and start searching EVERYWHERE! I cant find her annywhere where the hell is she? I start to walk around the corner and then "BOO!" 'AHHHHHHH" I scream. I then realize its Racheal and calm down abit. I hit her playfully on the arm. We then go sit on the lounge and strat to discuss what happened down there.


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