A London lamppost

Agnes Jensen is on a vacation in London, she's having a great time and is enjoying to be herself without having to talk to someone all the time.
But then, while she's trying to decide what to have for dinner today, a boy walks into her, and she hits her head on a lamppost, and passes out.

Later when she's taking a walk she suddenly stops at a red door, she feels both drawn to and repulsed by this strange door.
What behind it? And was it really just a coincidence that she chose to go on a vacation precisely London? Maybe she was supposed to be there...

There will come some chapters sometimes, but I'm too busy right now to submit a lot, sorry...


3. Laughing is a great thing

Agnes p.o.v.

So, this morning i woke up on a couch, a really uncomfortable couch, and I felt awful... The first thing I did was to run to the bathroom, and yeah, I'm not going to give you anymore details then that... And of course Boris woke up and started to try to comfort me and stuff, I barely know him! I mean, it's just to much... I talked to Iben, the one that Boris called when they didn't know who I was, it took me almost half an hour to convince her that I wan't dead! It's kinda cute that she's so overprotective, but sometimes it gets annoying... And she is my best friend, so she's allowed to be a little overprotective.

But Boris, he is so annoying! I've lived here for one day, and I'm already getting sick of it. He must feel really guilty, 'cause he keeps asking me if I'm okay every tenth second, and he is everywhere I go.... It's seriously annoying. Except when I go to the bathroom, that would just be too weird... But let's go back to the present, I'm not sure if I want to, but I guess I have too, 'cause he's talking to me.

"What'd you say?" I say and he looks kind of annoyed when he realizes that I haven't payed one single bit of attention. "I was just asking you what you want for dinner?" He says really slowly, like he thinks I'm retarded, and I cant help it, I just laugh. I'd pay for a picture of the look on his face. He looks like someone just told him that he was adopted or something, and I just start laughing even more, and I can't stop, I keep on laughing. And eventually he joins me, and laughs, he sounds kinda cute when he laughs. Wait, what the hell Agnes? One minute you are ready to kill him, and the next you're laughing with him and thinks he sounds cute? It must be the concussion...


Boris p.o.v.


"Spaghetti." She finally says while she sounds like she's choking. I slowly walk into the kitchen still laughing while I wonder why she's suddenly laughing, I mean, I'd swear that an hour ago she gave me a look that made me worried about whether or not I'd live through the night... Seriously, it made me sorry that I don't have a lock on my bedroom door. I actually offered her to sleep in my bed, but she insisted on the couch, I don't get that, that couch is so uncomfortable! But I guess it's her choice.

If you ask me, dinner was actually sort of good, well, I'm not a chef, so you can't expect me be good at this. It's actually nice to be with her now, she doesn't seem that mad at me anymore. She just laughs at everything it's cute, but a little to much, did I just call her cute? well, never mind. I guess she just needs to laugh. "So, what are you doing here in London all alone?" I ask her. She smiles and looks at med, "I'm on a vacation!" She says like it's the most obvious thing in the world, and I guess it kinda is... "What have you seen here?" "I've been at Madan Tussauds, Big Ben, The National history museum and then I've been shopping a lot." She says and laughs again. "Then I need to take you to The London Dungeons." That made her stop laughing. "Noooooo." She says slowly. "Yeees." I say imitating her.


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