A London lamppost

Agnes Jensen is on a vacation in London, she's having a great time and is enjoying to be herself without having to talk to someone all the time.
But then, while she's trying to decide what to have for dinner today, a boy walks into her, and she hits her head on a lamppost, and passes out.

Later when she's taking a walk she suddenly stops at a red door, she feels both drawn to and repulsed by this strange door.
What behind it? And was it really just a coincidence that she chose to go on a vacation precisely London? Maybe she was supposed to be there...

There will come some chapters sometimes, but I'm too busy right now to submit a lot, sorry...


2. I don't need your help

Boris p.o.v.


About 2 minutes after I left I realize that I didn't give Dr. Rogers my number, and it would be a challenge for him to call me without knowing who I am.

So I go back, and when I enter the room I realize that somethings different, it's not so quiet anymore, and that's why! The girl, sorry, Agnes has woken up, and Dr. Rogers is questioning her, or at least he's asking a lot of questions.

I walk closer, and I can hear her voice, it sounds fragile, but I can understand why, what I don't understand is how her voice can sound like that when she's not dead, yes, I'm saying (thinking) that she sounds like an angel. Oh, Boris, that such a cliché, with your imagination you'd think that you could think of something better, but no, you had to go for the cliché!

I'm seriously considering a psychologist, I mean, I can't be normal when I keep having conversations with myself! Well, let's go back to the girl/Agnes.

She's looking at me, what do I do?? "Hi," I say, "I'm really sorry, I was just thinking and I didn't see you, I'm so sorry!" I sounded kind of desperat, but, what? I don't know, can't we just pretend I never said/thought but? I know I'm thinking, but it just sounds better when I say/think say or said, I can't keep thinking /, it's just weird... I'm just going to stop thinking now!                         Hey! It's not that hard! Oh... I'm stupid... I'll just admit that I can't stop thinking!

"Who are you?" Agnes asks me, she can't remember? Of course she can't remember it you idiot, she passed out! "It's my fault you hid your hid, I'm the guy that walked into you... I'm sorry." She doesn't look that mad if you ask me, and she says: "It's allright, it wasn't on purpose." She has a funny accent. But that probably because she's not british Boris! Use your brain, that's why you got it.

"Well, I'm still sorry, can I get you dinner or something sometime?" Where did that come from?? Of course she won't have dinner with you, you almost killed her! Okay, maybe not, but still... "I'd love to, but I'm going home tomorrow." She says. Yearh right, of course you'd love to when you can't!

"Actually you're not going home tomorrow..." Dr. Rogers Said. "WHAT??" Agnes almost yelled at him. "Of course I'm going home! Why shouldn't I?" "Because, " Dr. Roger said calmly, "I think you have a concussion."

I'm a monster, okay, maybe not, but it's my fault that Agnes can't go home. She must pretty much hate me by now. I can't believe I gave someone a concussion... I've never hurt anyone before... I pretty much just stay in the background.

She's looking at Dr. Rogers like she'd love to tear off his head, It's pretty scary actually. Maybe I should just go... No, I can't, I gave her a concussion, so now I have to responsibility for what I have done. But what am I supposed to do?

"You can't go before 3 weeks from now, and then only if you are allright. But for now you just have to rest, you can stay here for 2 more hours." Dr. Rogers walks out and we're alone. "Listen," I say, "If you need anything, anything at all, just call me." I find a piece of paper and a pen and write down my number. "Here." I say as I give it to her. She takes the note and then says: "Thanks, but I don't need your help." I walk out of there and decides to go home.


Agnes p.o.v.



I just woke up, I've been sleeping for almost 2 hours, so I have to go now.

"You can't leave here alone." I get a scok and Dr. Rogers laughs quietly as he sees my faces, it must have looked funny. "It's against our rules to let a person with a concussion go home alone, you have to call someone that can stay with you for the next 24 hours." "But I don't know anyone here." I mumble. But Dr. Rogers doesn't hear it.


I'm standing on the parking lot. What am I going to do? I mean, I could call Boris, after all this is his fault, but it wasn't on purpose... But what other options do I have? None. So I find the piece of paper and dials the number on my phone, I'm still not sure that this is the right thing to do.

"You're talking to Boris!" I hear him say, he sounds happy, like he's smiling, yes, you can sound like you're smiling. "Hello?" He says. I realize that I haven't said anything...

"Hi, It's Agnes, since you're the only one hear that I know, or I don't know you, I just met you..." This makes no sense Agnes, maybe you should talk sop other people understands what you're saying? "Yes?" He says. "Well, I'm not allowed to leave the hospital on my own, and I was wondering if you were doing anything for the next 24 hours?" Silence. "No, I'm not." He finally responds. "Good," I say, "Because I'm not allowed to be alone." "I'll come pick you up." He says and hangs up.

Great, I'm going to live with a stranger, that'll be fun! Not! This vacation sucks... Or wait, it doesn't, this day sucks.




If you are reading this, and you like the story it would mean a lot to me if you'd "like" it.:)
I'll try to publish again as soon as possible.



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