A London lamppost

Agnes Jensen is on a vacation in London, she's having a great time and is enjoying to be herself without having to talk to someone all the time.
But then, while she's trying to decide what to have for dinner today, a boy walks into her, and she hits her head on a lamppost, and passes out.

Later when she's taking a walk she suddenly stops at a red door, she feels both drawn to and repulsed by this strange door.
What behind it? And was it really just a coincidence that she chose to go on a vacation precisely London? Maybe she was supposed to be there...

There will come some chapters sometimes, but I'm too busy right now to submit a lot, sorry...



Agnes p.o.v.


"I wan't to get out of here!" I scream at Boris. And of course he just laughs at me instead of helping me, seriously, I'm going to die in here! Why, oh why did I agree to this?? Something scary happens all the time and I'm really scared, like reeeeealy scared... A scream escape my lips and I grab his wrist, I'm probably crushing it a little, but it's his own fault! Wait, am I clutching on to Boris' wrist? That's embarrassing... I scream again and I realize how little I care about who's wrist I'm holding on to at this moment. "That kinda hurts Agnes." Boris says, and I look up to find his face surprisingly close to my own, by the way he has beautiful eyes. And where did that come from? But he has, there brown, like chocolate, I loove chocolate. Oh yeah, his wrist. "I don't care!" I almost hiss at him. "All right, all right, but it's your fault if I get a bruise or something like that." I almost giggle, but remembers were I am, it's kinda hard to remember stuff like that when you're looking in to those eyes. I know that I'm supposed to hate him, but he makes it kind of hard when he's so nice to me... "I think I can live with that." I say after a few seconds. Were in the back of our little group. He looks deep into my eyes, and we stay like this for a few seconds before I break the eye-contact  I am mad at me, how could I do that? It's not good, I shouldn't like him. And I'm going back to Denmark in two and a half weeks anyway, I have no idea why I can't go home now, I'm fine, I feel fantastic. But the doctor is a doctor... (Shocking right?) So I should probably listen to him. My mind's good at wandering, I was in the middle of scolding myself here! Then you shouldn't think of other things! Bad brain, bad brain! I've never denied the fact that I'm weird just so you know... Stupid Agnes, just stay away from him, all right? And by the way, you can't have a long distance relationship, those never end well. Wow, I'm getting all of this from eye-contact, it's not like he proposed or something, I should really just stop overreacting.


Boris p.o.v.


Agnes seemed surprisingly quiet for the rest of the time, she is still holding my hand though, even though we just got out of there. So she can't be mad at me, and why should she be? I did nothing wrong. She did seem a little weird after the eye-contact-thing though, I use the word though a lot don't I? Well, never mind, I just thought I heard her muttering something afterwards about long distance relationships, who mentioned a realtionship? Never mind, I probably just misheard her. Or maybe it was a different person who was talking about that, and I just thought I was her? She looks kind of sad though. "Are you okay?" I ask her. "Yeah, I'm fine." She quickly answers, "It was just scary." She sounds absentminded, and I can tell that she's lying, so I drag her over to a bench and places her there. "What's wrong?" I ask. "Nothing!" She replies with a shrill voice as she tries to sound offended. "What's wrong?" I try again. She sighs and gives me the same answer. She then tries to get away from me and the bench, but I follow her and says: "I can see that somethings bothering you, so why won't you tell me?" She turns around and looks me in the eyes, but it's not the same eye-contact as before, this is different, it's almost like her darkblue eyes has turned to ice. "Because Boris, I've known you in under a week, and I don't wan't to tell you everything that bothers me!" She sounds angry, and her voice is just different, she walks away from me, as I stand there looking stunned.

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