A London lamppost

Agnes Jensen is on a vacation in London, she's having a great time and is enjoying to be herself without having to talk to someone all the time.
But then, while she's trying to decide what to have for dinner today, a boy walks into her, and she hits her head on a lamppost, and passes out.

Later when she's taking a walk she suddenly stops at a red door, she feels both drawn to and repulsed by this strange door.
What behind it? And was it really just a coincidence that she chose to go on a vacation precisely London? Maybe she was supposed to be there...

There will come some chapters sometimes, but I'm too busy right now to submit a lot, sorry...


1. A very stupid boy and an unknown girl

Agnes p.o.v.


I'm walking down the street, this is the last day I have here in London, I get kind of sad when I think of the fact that I'm going home tomorrow, but that's just how it is... Maybe I should get some dinner, after all it is 6:47 PM, and I'm getting hungry, and cold. But that's probably because I'm standing still.            I start walking in the direction of a restaurant that looks like it serves okay food. I don't eat at all those fancy restaurants because this vacation is expensive enough with out me eating at such places, and the food I've eaten here isn't bad, you'd be surprised if I told you what a great sandwich I found yesterday, and the price? 3 pounds! Oh, I'm having a conversation with myself, in my head, maybe I should talk to someone? Or maybe not, after all I'm here to get away from everything, and I don't need anymore friends right now, actually I ...


Boris p.o.v.


"I'm so sorry!" I say out loud, thinking that she's probably really mad, after all I just threw her into a lamppost, okay, that's probably an  exaggeration, but it's still my fault. Why isn't she moving? OMG I KILLED SOMEONE!! No, wait! She's breathing, phew... I got really scared there. But she's still not moving. "Hello?" I say tentatively. She isn't responding. A taxi is driving by and I quickly stop it, I pick up the girl, and says: "The hospital, and could you hurry please?", "Well, I can't drive faster than I'm allowed." The driver says.

It fells like it takes a hundred years before we finally arrive at the hospital. I quickly pay the driver and runs out of the taxi, when I realize that I probably should remember the girl... Oh, Boris, when will you ever learn not to be so stupid? I pick her up, and enters the hospital. "St. Thomas' Hospital, how can we help you?" The receptionist asks me. "Well, I need a flu shot," I say before realizing that this isn't the time to be funny. "No, she hit her head and I don't know what to do!" The receptionist finally looks up from the computer, and it looks like she gets a little schok when she sees the girl I'm holding in my arms. "Okay, just a minute, I'll go find Dr. Rogers." She's almost running. The girl grunts or something like that, and I'm relieved that she's not completely gone. After about a minute the receptionist and a man, that must be Dr. Rogers appears. "If you'll just follow me." The man, oh, sorry, Dr. Rogers says, and I follow him, as were walking he asks me: "What's the girls name?" What do I answer to that? "I don't know..." I say quietly. "You don't know?" He looks skeptical at me. "Then why are you the one bringing her here?" He sounds curious. "Because It's my fault that she hit her head." We're entering a room and I put her in one of the beds. There's 3 other beds in here, but only 2 of them is occupied. The doctor finds a phone in her jacket and asks me to call someone that could tell us her name. It's an old Nokia, and I don't understand the language, but I manage to find a number and calls it. Before the other persons even has a chanche of saying anything I say: "Hi, my name is Boris." Why does the person need to know that? I mean, brain, come on. "The owner of this phone is at the hospital and I don't know her name or age or anything else, and I thought that maybe you could help me?" The other persons answers in an unknown (For me) accent: "Agnes is at the hospital??" "Yes." I answer, "And it would be great if you would give us some information about her." "Well," the person says, "Her name is Agnes Marie Jensen, she's 19 years old and lives in Denmark, she on a vacation in London." Now she'll definitely never visit London again... "Thank you very much." I say and hangs up. I tell Dr. Rogers what the persons said. "And will you please call me when she wakes up?" I say. "Sure." Dr. Rogers says, and I leave. 

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