Miss Styles

What if Harry Styles wasn't who he claimed to be? What if he was a... girl?! She needs their help to stay hidden from the one she used to consider family. Will they help Miss Styles?

***I got this idea when I was watching Big Momma and when I saw the photo on Movellas Facebook page of 1D's heads on womens bodies!***


3. Well that explains it

When we stopped laughing, there was a long awkward pause. I coughed and looked around at the boys, wondering what to say.

It was Niall that broke the silence.

"I always wondered why Harry was such a good cook." He sighed.

I looked at him in shock. How can he think that only girls can cook!

"It's not only girls that can cook!" I exclaimed "Think about Gordon Ramsay, Paul Hollywood!"

They all stared at me, eyes wide, at my sudden rage, they were shocked. This wasn't the chilled,laid-back Harry attitude they were used to.

"Well, I always wondered how Harry had such a great taste in fashion." Zayn almost whispered. Scared I would yell at him too. Instead I just sighed. I was getting fed up of this.

I paced up and down the room. Trying to think of something to say. Now I was revealed my borther would find me. He knew my ways, my routines. That's why I became Harry Styles, and auditioned for X Factor. It would have been the least likely thing I would have done if it had been me. I was getting agitated, it was only a matter of time before I was another one of his victims. A hand reached out and grabbed my own. At the sudden movement I swung round and hit Liam in the head.

"She's attacking you!" cried Louis, just an excuse t oblame me for something. I have to admit. I didn't blame him.

"No, she's not." Liam said firmly clutching his head. I ran into the kitchen to get some ice. Only, when I returned the boys were looking directly at me. Worried, I bit my lower lip. Something I always did when I was worried.

"What made you lash out like that?" asked Liam taking the ice promptly. I wondered what to say. I didn't know what to do. They looked at me. Waiting for me to give them yet another answer.

"I...I...I was thinking about my brother, and I was thinking, that now I was discovered as a girl it won't be long till he finds me. So you surprised me. I'm sorry. I really am." I said sitting on the cream sofa, resting my head in my arms.

Louis did something that really surprised me. He sat beside me, and put his arm around me. I looked at him in surprise and he just shrugged his shoulders. That's Louis for you!

"We'll make sure he doesn't find you." Louis sincerely said. I gave a small smile and sat proud. I would be safe.

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