Miss Styles

What if Harry Styles wasn't who he claimed to be? What if he was a... girl?! She needs their help to stay hidden from the one she used to consider family. Will they help Miss Styles?

***I got this idea when I was watching Big Momma and when I saw the photo on Movellas Facebook page of 1D's heads on womens bodies!***


2. Telling the Truth

"I had to do this. I had no other choice." I said to them.

"Just tell us!" Louis shouted at me. It always scared me when he shouted, he only did it when he was really upset or angry. I hated it when he was upset. I stood up to comfort him, but quickly sat down again when I thought it over. A tear quickly slid down my cheek and fell to the floor.

"Sit down, this may take a while." I said. I reached out and held Louis' hand, trying to get him to understand. But he pulled away and stood in the corner. If I had ever told them, I knew it would be a shock to them. Especially Louis, we were so close and been like siblings.It would stun him. Maybe even kill him.

"Tell us your name. Your real name. That'll start us off." Liam said taking control. I watched their eyes turn on me. Expecting an answer.

"My real name is Anna Rowaq. I only cross-dressed becuase I saw something I shouldn't." I began, running my fingers through my hair.

"OK, Anna, what did you see?" Zayn asked as Niall got up and went into the kitchen.

"I saw my brother, and his friends, they were planning a murder. I only came down for a glass of water. They heard me. They threatened that if I told anyone then I would be killed as well. I loved my brother. He was the closest thing I'd had to family." I was now crying freely. I wanted a hug, but I knew that was a bit much to ask from anyone at the moment. Just then Niall came back with a huge baguette filled with cheese, lettuce, carrots, tomato, cucumber, ham, chicken, pate, prawns and basically anything else you could find in an ordinary kitchen! I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from laughing as he devoured the first quarter.

"What?" Niall asked as we all looked at him, including Louis, who was still sulking.

"Man, aren't you going to share?"

"How can you eat at a time like this?"

"Have you got carrots in there?"

I couldn't help it any longer. I burst out laughing. It felt so good after just crying. I loved these guys as family and there was nothing I could do about it. They frowned at me, but then realised that it was actually quite funny. In that 20 seconds when we were all laughing, everything felt the way it had always been.

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