Miss Styles

What if Harry Styles wasn't who he claimed to be? What if he was a... girl?! She needs their help to stay hidden from the one she used to consider family. Will they help Miss Styles?

***I got this idea when I was watching Big Momma and when I saw the photo on Movellas Facebook page of 1D's heads on womens bodies!***


1. Discovered

We were all in the lounge area of our hotel room. It had been another amazing concert. The fans were wicked. We had sung for three hours straight and answered twitter questions after.

On of the boys started to ruffle my hair after commenting on something. He was doing it a bit rough so I instinctively pulled away. He still had a grip on my brown curls. As I moved away the curls fell to the floor and my real long black hair fell down around my shoulders. I stared at the brown curly tendrils laying in an untidy heap on the marble floor.

My cover had been discovered. I felt four pairs of eyes looking at me and I looked down my real hair covering my face from view.

"Oh my God." Liam said

"What have you done with Harry!" cried Niall looking upset. I rolled my eyes out of their view. They wouldn't understand.

"I.... I... I can explain." I muttered my normal voice speaking for the first time in years, looking up into their confused faces.

Louis grabbed a walkie talkie. "Security! Harry's been kidnapped and their's a crazy fan in our room!" I stared at him flabbergasted.

I put on my Harry voice. "No need to worry Mark! We're just playing truth or dare!" I yelled into the walkie talkie.

"Tell us what you're doing here and where Harry is." Zayn said smoothly trying to hide the panic inside him. I looked at him, almost pleading for him to understand.

"Fine." I said.

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