Zoey and Harry forever forever!

Zoey is a shy,quiet,nice,and understanding person!Her dad is an aclothic and abuses her!Her mom was drowned on fishing trip:-(Zoey has bruises,punches,scratches,beaten,and more by her dad!She has been raped by her dad and his friends:-(She covers all her bruises and stuff with make-up!But sometimes her dad goes too far,liking cutting her with a knife and he doesn't even care!She has been bullyed at school and beaten up by kids alot!Her best friend Harry stood up for her!They were best friends!She had a crush on him.Until one day her best Friend 4ever try's out for the X-factor and makes it!But she never a saw him again after that:-(She is now 15 and is still getting bullyed and aided and sometimes rapped!Read more at my story!


7. Seeing Zoey and going home!

Harry's P.O.V.

We arrived at the hospital,I ran her in and once one of the doctors saw her bleeding,they took her and ran her in one of the rooms!:-(I called the boys:"Hey Harry what's wrong!"Liam said."Zoey is in the hospital cause she was stabbed by her dad which is now he is in prison!Just hurry come now!"I said while letting teas out!"Okay we are coming!"Liam said!With that I hung up!

*15 mintues later*

Liam's P.O.V.

I told the boys about her,and we all got into my mustang and drove to the hospital,then we pulled up!We all ran into the hospital and saw Harry crying on one of the seats!"Harry it's going to be okay."Niall said while rubbing Harry's back."Yeah she will be alright."Zayn,Louis,and I said."Thnx guys for coming!"He said.

Harry's P.O.V.

*2 hours later*

One of the doctors said "Harry styles?"she said."That's me,is she okay?"I asked her while butting my lip."Yes she is,but she needs rest,follow me."She said.I was happy that she was okay and with that Niall,Liam.Louis,Zayn,and me followed the doctor.We got to the room and I saw her.Her eyes were wide open."Hey Zoey,are you okay?"I asked her while kissing her forehead."Harry!I am okay!"She said,while hugging me tightly.

Zoeys P.O.V.

I was glad to see Harry,he saved me,if it wasn't for him,I would be dead right now!"Harry I love you,do you love me?"I asked."Of course I do,I Iove you more the anything!"He said.

*2 days later*

Zoeys P.O.V.

When I went home with Harry,I kissed him a lot!I really loved this guy!"Harry,I really love you,and we have something speical together!"I told him while kissing his soft,warm lips!"I love you more and I think the same way!"He said.
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