Zoey and Harry forever forever!

Zoey is a shy,quiet,nice,and understanding person!Her dad is an aclothic and abuses her!Her mom was drowned on fishing trip:-(Zoey has bruises,punches,scratches,beaten,and more by her dad!She has been raped by her dad and his friends:-(She covers all her bruises and stuff with make-up!But sometimes her dad goes too far,liking cutting her with a knife and he doesn't even care!She has been bullyed at school and beaten up by kids alot!Her best friend Harry stood up for her!They were best friends!She had a crush on him.Until one day her best Friend 4ever try's out for the X-factor and makes it!But she never a saw him again after that:-(She is now 15 and is still getting bullyed and aided and sometimes rapped!Read more at my story!


11. Picking out the dress!

Zoeys P.O.V.

Me,Cat,and Megan went out to pic a dress for me!Then we will find bridesmaids dresses!We went to a wedding dresses store,I saw the most pretty dress ever it was a mermaid dress!I checked the price tag and it was 1K!To me that was cheap,cause I worked hard to get money for the wedding and stuff!I bought the dress and then got the bridesmaid dresses!I picked the perfit place to marry!Its going to be a garden!

A/N sorry for the short chapter sorry:-(
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