Zoey and Harry forever forever!

Zoey is a shy,quiet,nice,and understanding person!Her dad is an aclothic and abuses her!Her mom was drowned on fishing trip:-(Zoey has bruises,punches,scratches,beaten,and more by her dad!She has been raped by her dad and his friends:-(She covers all her bruises and stuff with make-up!But sometimes her dad goes too far,liking cutting her with a knife and he doesn't even care!She has been bullyed at school and beaten up by kids alot!Her best friend Harry stood up for her!They were best friends!She had a crush on him.Until one day her best Friend 4ever try's out for the X-factor and makes it!But she never a saw him again after that:-(She is now 15 and is still getting bullyed and aided and sometimes rapped!Read more at my story!


5. Good Morning!

Harry's P.O.V.

*The morning*

I woke up at 6:00 am,I saw Zoey right next to me.I carefully got out of bed and went downstairs.The boys left a note:


Niall,Zayn,Louis,and Liam,we went to go somewhere.
So we left you guys asleep!

Your pals,
Liam,Niall,Zayn,and Louis!

After I read the note,I made breakfast!I made chocolate-chip pancakes and bacon!I put one pancake on my plate,3 bacons on mine,one pancake on Zoeys plate,and 3/4 bacons on her plate.

Zoeys P.O.V.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon!Bacon,bacon,bacon!I ran to my bag and putted on a Pink ruffle shirt,while skinny jeans,a white (tight but not to tight but fit perfict),white flat shoes,earring,braclet,and a white hat.I appled little bit of make-up trying not to look all flashy,applied lip gloss,curled the tips of my hair,and I have to say I don't look that bad!Icran downstairs,and went into the kitchen to find a very cute Harry!"Good morning Harry"While getting my plate and eating."Good morning Zoey,wow you look beautuful!"He said while eatting his pancakes.

Harry's P.O.V.

When I saw Zoey,she looked so beautuful like always."Zoey I am going to go upstairs to get dress."I said while putting my plate and glass in the sink."Okay but don't be long!"She said in a flirty tone."I won't babe."I said.Once I go to my bedroom I got on a white shirt,some black shorts,sneeckers,and then went into the bathroom to I messed up my hair a little,brushed my teeth,and plus I did look good!I ran downstairs and saw Zoey waiting there,so I kissed her for 5/6 minutes until I broke the kiss!

Zoeys P.O.V.

After the kiss I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth real quick!I really loved Harry,when I am near him I feel safe,warm,protected,and loved!I just hope we can stay 4ever and ever!
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