Zoey and Harry forever forever!

Zoey is a shy,quiet,nice,and understanding person!Her dad is an aclothic and abuses her!Her mom was drowned on fishing trip:-(Zoey has bruises,punches,scratches,beaten,and more by her dad!She has been raped by her dad and his friends:-(She covers all her bruises and stuff with make-up!But sometimes her dad goes too far,liking cutting her with a knife and he doesn't even care!She has been bullyed at school and beaten up by kids alot!Her best friend Harry stood up for her!They were best friends!She had a crush on him.Until one day her best Friend 4ever try's out for the X-factor and makes it!But she never a saw him again after that:-(She is now 15 and is still getting bullyed and aided and sometimes rapped!Read more at my story!


4. Going to Harry's tonight!

Zoeys P.O.V.

I told Harry about my dad,he said I should sleepover his house!I told him yes!
I kissed him,and then we started to make out and then French kiss!I'm sexy and I know it!
"Goodnight Harry"I said while getting naked and getting on a huge shirt!!!!Lol

A/N sorry that its so short I will upload tomorrow!
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