Child You Will Grow

This is the first poem i wrote, which was when i was 12. I was inspired by my baby sister who had taken her first steps just a few days beforehand. Please no hate :3


1. Le poem...


Child you will grow.

You are so small

So fragile

You cry for many

Never speaking what


You grow

First teeth,

First steps,

First word,

First friend.


Now you speak and walk,

Playing and laughing

Like there's no tomorrow,

Off to school, yet another day.

You learn to read, to write.


Waving as you walk onto the sports field,

Keeping your dream,

Now you’re smart,

Studying hard for tests.

Beginning of high school,

Yet another year.


Now you’re studying for the big ones,

Hoping for college,

Becoming a doctor,

Meeting someone special,

A whirlwind romance,

A big white wedding.

One child, two children, three


The process begins again.

I'm gone from flesh now,

Watching you grow old from above,

Seeing your children grow to be fine younglings.

Watching you wrinkle,

You have grandchildren now.

The process beings again.

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