the changes made

niall and emily have always been good friends. but theyve both felt like theres something more than friendship. neither of them have said anything about their feelings, in fear of what the other will think. but when emily convinces herself that theres no chance with niall and moves on, will niall finally own up to his feelings and claim emily for his own? or will he back away and forever live in the shadows on his feelings. but most importantly.... what changes will be made?


1. ive gotta say this (nialls pov)

i sit on the old park bench and watch as emily rides around the equipment, doing tricks. i cant help but smile. every time she rides passed me she'll say something and ill burst out laughing. people near me look at me like im an idiot. i don't care thought, emilys my best friend she can make me laugh just by looking at me funny. but that's the thing, shes my BEST FRIEND and i think its going to stay like that. i wish it wouldn't though. i wish i could hold her hand, or kiss her cheek, or play with her hair, without it being a friendly gesture. lets face it, i love her. i love the way she laughs. i love the way she smiles. i love the way she doesn't care what anybody thinks about her.


im snapped out of my train of thought when emily sits down next to me, panting. i laugh. "why are you panting?" she looks at me and i smile wider. "what? Niall. you've been staring at me this whole time and you didn't see that little kid trying to pull my hair so he could go on my board?" she asks. i burst out laughing and emily sighs. "you sir. are an idiot. or you need your eyes checked. either way." she shrugs. once again, i laugh. we stand up and begin to walk to the local shop. we walk past a billboard and one paper catches my eye. 'X FACTOR AUDITIONS' i couldn't help but stare at it. which made emilys eye catch it. she gasps and tugs at my arm. "Niall you HAVE to do that!" she squeals. emphasizing the world have. i look at her like shes crazy. "no," i say plainly. she pouts. "pleaseeeee?" she begs. "you're so good? you'd get in. you will get in because you're doing it!" i laugh at her pushiness and walk to wards the ice cream parlor.

i order a banana smoothie for emily, already knowing what she wants. and a chocolate one for me. we sit down at a table and all emily talks about is the flyer and x factor. she eventually starts yelling at me and people begin to look at us, well mainly emily. i cant help but laugh, my laughing causes emily to laugh which causes more people to stare at us. we don't care. soon enough, we calm down and start to ride home on our boards. to be honest, im actually considering the x factor auditions. i mean, what have i got to lose?

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