the changes made

niall and emily have always been good friends. but theyve both felt like theres something more than friendship. neither of them have said anything about their feelings, in fear of what the other will think. but when emily convinces herself that theres no chance with niall and moves on, will niall finally own up to his feelings and claim emily for his own? or will he back away and forever live in the shadows on his feelings. but most importantly.... what changes will be made?


3. i wish. (emilys pov)

i stand there with tears stinging my eyes. why am i crying? oh thats right. my bestfriend that im completely head over hills for.. is auditioning for x factor! not that theres anything wrong with that. im proud. im happy for him.but im going to miss him. im not going to see him for months..

i feel a pair of arms wrap around me.. nialls.. i wrap my arms around him and hug him tighter than ever before. he pulls away and kisses my cheek. say it emily. tell him how much you love him. et him know. niall gets into the car and drives away. leaving me speechless.. why didnt i say anything??

i sigh, riding home. tears rolling down my face.he'll probably forget about me. he'll never date me.. he'll date some popstar, skinny,beautiful, someone thats the complete opposite of me. it actually breaks my heart to think ill probably never see him again. because i know hes going to get through, and i know he'll be big. i just wish i could be apart of it. i cant hold him back though.. i cant keep him from his dream. he wants this, he needs this. but i need him.

i guess ill just move on and let him be.. friends is all we're ever gonna be. as much as it kills me to say this, i cant be with niall james horan. i wish he knew how much i love him.. i wish i wouldve told him. its only been about an hour and im regretting everything. i wish..

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