the changes made

niall and emily have always been good friends. but theyve both felt like theres something more than friendship. neither of them have said anything about their feelings, in fear of what the other will think. but when emily convinces herself that theres no chance with niall and moves on, will niall finally own up to his feelings and claim emily for his own? or will he back away and forever live in the shadows on his feelings. but most importantly.... what changes will be made?


2. a trip (emilys pov)

i groan as i come across yet another confusing math equation. seriously? what is that point of math? Ive always been terrible at it. i don't intend to get better at it either. math is so boring. id rather be listening to Niall drag on and on about how amazing nandos is. Ive never even been to nandos, surprisingly. you'd think Niall would've made me go! but i don't think he knows Ive ever been. be pretty nice to try i gues- wait. how did i get on the subject of food? haha.. yeah..

i eventually give up on my math and start to play with my fingers. awkward? i know. anyway, as im doing this i hear the familiar first few chords to wonder wall by oasis. always loved that song.. probably why i made it my ringtone. oh right! "yellow?" i say into the phone. "purple?" nialls Irish accent rings through the phone. i smile. one of our many terrible jokes. "how are you, love?' he asks. god he has no idea how much im in love with him. "terrible," i answer. "maths homework?" Niall asks. "you know me too well!" i say grinning. he laughs. " what about you?" i ask. "well.. good. but we have to see each other tomorrow. i have news," he says. " okay" i agree. for about 3 hours we talk about pretty much nothing. just goofing around..




i put on my blue skinny jeans with a green tank top and a leather jacket. i slip on my blue vanz. and throw my hair into a messy bun, leaving a few strands hanging down. no makeup... i hate it so much. i grab my board and ride to nialls house to see two big suitcases out the front. are nialls parents going away? i ride over to see Mrs.horan placing down a suitcase and putting another into er car. "hi Mrs.horan," i say hopping off my board. " are you going away?" i ask. Mrs.horan smiles at me "oh hello emily. no were not, love. i thought Niall would've told you," she says. " told me what?" i ask. Mrs.horan sighs. "that hes au-" shes cut off by Niall running outside screaming. " EMILY!" he yells. i turn my head to see Niall there with open arms. i walk over and hug him. i live for these hugs. no one elses. his and his only. we pull away and i look up. "your mum said you had to tell me something? whats the news!" i ask. Niall glares at his mum for a few seconds and she just laughs and walks away. niall looks at me and bites his lip. " i uhmm.. im auditioning for x factor." he says nervously. my jaw drops. "WHAT!" i yell. "im so proud of you! you're gonna do amazing!" niall smiles and hugs me again. "when are you leaving?" i ask, dreading the answer. niall looks at me sadly before saying.. "now,"...

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