Love forever

It's about a young 15 year old Caitlyn,she meets 1D,and she falls in love with one!Her ex-boyfriend Sammy cheated on her!Read the rest to find out!Caitlyn lives with her older brother Nate who lives in london


22. Why.....

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

*1 week later*

Today was the worst day of my life:-(I went into the shower and took a Lon hot shower.I blow dryed my hair and curled it.Got on lotin,make-up,lip gloss,perfume,and nail polish.I got a black dress,black leather jacket,high heels,got on a necklace,earrings,bracelt,and purse.Went downstairs and got my keys.Went down to the diverse thingy.Zayn came in.My heart sanked and them broke into a million pieces.He sat 2 inches away from me.Zayn signed the papers.I was going to sign them until I started to cry harder.Niall came in and took Zayn out.I heard yelling.Zayn came in and ran up to me and kissed me."I'm so sorry Caityn!!!Niall told me everything."He said."Good cause I love you too."I said to him.I got up and ripped the papers.

*11 months later.*

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

So me and Zayn are still married and um I'm pregnant.I told Zayn that.I will be having the kid anytime soon."Hi Zayn"I said while kissing him."Hi babe"He said while picking me up.I looked into the mirror.My hair was all knotted up,wearing grey sweatpants,gray shirt,gray jacket,and saw my pearly white teeth.I brushed my teeth of corse!
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