Love forever

It's about a young 15 year old Caitlyn,she meets 1D,and she falls in love with one!Her ex-boyfriend Sammy cheated on her!Read the rest to find out!Caitlyn lives with her older brother Nate who lives in london


14. To be contined......

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

*5 hours later*

Me and Zayn have now been dating for 1 year now!"Hi Zayn!"I said while kissing him."Hi honey,I have a important question for you!"He said!

Zayns P.O.V.

"Go ahead ask me!"Caitlyn said!"Will you Caitlyn Alyksia Vogt make me the happiest man In the world.Will you marry me?I asked her.I....."Caitlyn said.

To be contined.....

(A/N Hey this is Skyla I wrote this for a friend cause me and her like Zayn and Harry,so this is my 1st Fanfiction,so don't be mean or rude please!Kik me my username is SkylaMort12345!Comment!!!thnx for reading)
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