Love forever

It's about a young 15 year old Caitlyn,she meets 1D,and she falls in love with one!Her ex-boyfriend Sammy cheated on her!Read the rest to find out!Caitlyn lives with her older brother Nate who lives in london


17. Omg!The wedding day!!!!:-)

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

Well today is the wedding day all of my wedding day!Yay!I got on my mermaid spakry (Not to sparkly!),white heels,putte in make-up,putted my hair up in Bride style,and applied lip gloss!Today was the day.Icwalked down the aise and once I got up onto the thingy in front of Zayn (Ohcand the wedding was at the beech!)"blah blah blah marry!"the prist said."I do"we both said.We then exchanged rings and he kissed me sended me shivers down my spine.I glanced at Niall I stared into Nialls beautuful blue eyes.What what are you saying you have a wonderful husband.Then I starred into Harry's pretty brown eyes,Harry and Niall were good looking and cute:-)Wait shut up Caitlyn you have a husband.

Zayns P.O.V.

When I saw Caitlyn looking at Niall and they smilied.I got jealous,but then Harryad Caitlyn were looking at each other and grinned,that made me angry and jealous so I kissed her with passion.Niall and Caitlyn locked eyes and I gave Niall a death look.Me and Caitlyn were slow dancing until Harry came up "Hey may I dance with your bride?"He said with a smile."Sure don't run your fingers anywhere!"I said giggling.

Caitlyn's P.O.V.

Harry left me alone until Niall came up at a slow song.He asked to dance,he ran his fingers across my back.His fingers were soft and warm.I gave him a kiss in the cheek,when Zayn saw us he gave him a death glare."I'll be right back Niall!"I said playfully hitting him."ok I will wait."he said ins flirty tone."Zayn!Me and Niall Are Just FRIENDS!You don't née to give him a DEATH glare!"I said while yelling at him.He kissed me and said sorry!Ivkissed him back.I kinda had a crush on Niall,but I don't ever,And I Mean NEVER,will cheat on Zayn!Me and Zayn went home (A.K.A. Me and Niall danced until we has to leave!)Me and Zayn spent the rest of the night cuddling each other and kissin each other.
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