The Lost Chronicles of the Sea

After losing his mother and father Ryan is forced to live on his own, and soon meets his best friend, they grow up together and he becomes the most wanted pirate ever. But will a zombie change that? How about a Hawaiian zombie? Or for his best friend Rachel?


1. His new life

In a world full of creeps and weirdoes. A world followed by zombies and aliens. A world much like ours, but different? A world that to some people would be crazy! But to people who call this world home is just a normal world to them. In a world with little technology advancements. Lives a world called piezin. A world
that never got out of its pirate ages. A world that will forever - at least a long time-will stay in its pirate ages.

Only one guy can change this world. One guy who can change what people think and see. That one guy's name is Ryan, Ryan Pocker. The most wanted zombie smuggler ever! But his thick long blonde hair, big blue green eyes, will stop any one in its path. He know the ways of getting what he wants. He has been a criminal since he was real little. His mother left his father after he was caught killing three pirates, they fled for four years, moving from town to town, then living in much bigger cities. Their father wrote them letters. She would always tell him where to find her at before she would move. She knew he was a thief and a pirate. He once told her if anything were to happen to him to that she would leave town and head towards so-cross. A small town in a middle of now where.

The plan worked till the gang that was after her and her kids had rolled into town. They wanted to know where her husband is, they just want to "talk". They left town as soon as they saw them, and kept running for many years after that, for four some years. They met up with her husband and the kids father after four years if running away from the gang in a state and a house, under different names. They felt safe, and started to let their walls down. One day when the kids where coming home the saw something horrible, something they should never see in their life! Six buff guys with battle scars and strange ink markings on their skin. Where holding their mother and father by their arms. And one thin tall women stood by their father with a knife, with blood on the shinny blade and some on the golden handle, when she saw them come in. She gripped it hard almost smashing the rather large diamond on the end of the knife handle.

She then said "Are these your children Mark?"

He yelled back "Don't you dare hurt them!"

She said out of pure evilyness "They will be scared for life! MUHAHAHAHA!"

She held the knife up high above her head and stabbed their dad. Blood ran down his face and body, covering the floor with bug puddles of blood. She turned to their mom, and she yelled with blood flying every where off her face "You will never get away! Your children are going to see you both die!"

She then killed their mother and after that, the thin women took the boys sister for her own and left the young Ryan to hopefully die, Ryan had stayed there for many days. He soon became hungry and that's when he noticed something. I am a free boy! I am a homeless but still a free boy! His mom didn't like him to much. He was always stealing. Always
getting into trouble. And always getting into bar fights with his dad on the weekends. He dreamed of a life without rules and patents. His friend jack, lived by him self. Jack loved his life, and so did Ryan. Ryan looked up with his puffy red eyes and smiled.

He ran out of the house and dashed towards the market. Ryan always loved the market, they had some many different places and building for different kind of markets back in his home town. But this market was different. It had something he had never seen before, something "new" according to the banner stretching across the opening to the market. It was a zombie market district. He has heard of zombies but never of a zombie market.
He wondered throughout the market, and found the food market after passing a stand with some ugly looking zombies on top and a tall man speaking really fast. And poof like that, the zombie was taken off the stage. In the food market, was not packed as he hoped. Packed market makes for better stealing. His dad once told him that.
He wonder through the zombie market, his main soul objective was to find food. After a hour and half he finally came to the food market of the so-cross market.
He was dumbfounded how ill-favored the food looked. Apples with green fuzz that looked like it could eat u right there. Potatoes that looked like something a baby would spit up. And smelt like a baby to, so far food zero and yuck-factor ten million! After many appalling food stands, Ryan reaches the wealthy part of town. Wealthy people mean better looking food!
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