Summer Love With My Bestfriend

Riley was just a normal, 17 year old Brit. Scratch that. Unless you consider being the best friend of boy band One Direction, Riley was not normal. It all started when Riley's family moved from London to Mullingar. Her life was changed drastically. She became best friends with Niall Horan. He took her with him to his audition to X-Factor, so as you can see they had a pretty tight bond. Secretly, she has had a crush on him since they first met, but she hasn't told him. Only her best friend Kirsten knows. What will happen? Read to find out.


3. Who is in my flat?

We got into my car and headed to the store. (A/N My dog is howling like wtf) When we got into the store we grabbed a hand basket and I headed to the candy and Niall headed to the soda. I piled in tons of candy that sounded good. Gummi stuff, sour stuff, and anything else. I met up with Niall at the register and we checked out. "Awh you two are an adorable couple!" the elderly lady behind us in line said. "Oh uhm we're not dating." I said. Awkward. "Best friends. That's all." Niall said. That's all? "Will this be all?" The cashier asked, "Yes, thanks." I said as i swiped my card. On our way out of the store we stopped at the movie rental thing. We got Insidious because it looked scary. I swiped my card and we were off to my car. We got in and drove back to my flat. We got inside and I changed back into my PJ's. Niall popped the movie in and I opened up some candy. About ten minutes into the movie, I heard my front door open, close, and re-lock. Who the hell is in my house? "What the hell is this?" I heard someone yell and I screamed, causing Niall to jump. I turned around to see Louis and Harry behind my couch. "Holy fuck. You scared the shit out of me. How the hell did you guys even get in my flat?" I yelled at them. "You gave Harry a key two weeks ago. Remember?" Louis told me. No I don't remember. When did I give Harry fucking Styles a key to my house? They ran to the kitchen and I heard Harry scream, causing me to jump. I ran into the kitchen to find Louis standing on my island, Harry trying to grab him. "What is going on in here?" I exclaimed to both of them. "He put mayonnaise on my face! I hate mayonnaise! So I'm gonna kill him!" Harry yelled. "Louis! Get off of my counter! Harry, please don't kill BooBear. I would be very sad." I said as I walked back to the living room to watch the movie with Niall.

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