Pitch Slapped

Delany was a freshman in high school and orientation was where clubs recruited the 'freshies'. Many clubs asked for her to come join but they all seemed to dorky like the chess club or book club. She didn't want to be a nerd like in middle school. She wanted to stand out, shine. That's when one specific club caught her eye, not just because of the guy recruiting with his brunette curls. Just the idea of it all. Being noticed.


3. You Want Me

After lunch everything went by smoothly. My last period had to of been my favorite, art. It was my getaway. To just draw and forget everything. A blonde boy sat beside me. 

He smiled, "Hey."

"Hi." I said back.

"You're a freshman, right?" He asked.

"Yep." I looked forward trying to here what the teacher was saying. I noticed that girl from lunch, Cher, I think sitting in the front row.

"Oh, well, I'm Niall. I'm a sophomore." He said.

"That's nice." I shrugged.

"Class, at the back of the class are brushes and paper, the paint is in the storage closet to the right. Please get your supplies and begin." The teacher instructed.

I got up and went and grabbed my paper and brushes and came back and set them down. I headed to the storage closet, no one was in here. I looked through all the shelves, rows and rows full of paint bottles. It was like a library, but instead of books it was paint. I heard the door close.

I peeked from one of the rows and saw Niall. I continued to look through the paints.

"What do you have against me?" He asked and isle over. I ignored him and kept looking through the colors.

"What have I ever done to you?" He asked again.

"Why do you care?" I answered.

"Because you're beautiful." He whispered in my ear. I jumped at the fact that he scared me.

"And you're a creep." I grabbed a bottle of paint. Both of his hands were against the shelf blocking my way out. "You gonna let me through?" I asked. He laughed.

I pushed my way through and went down the next isle looking for more paint. "Go away Niall." I heard his footsteps as I grabbed pink paint. I quickly started walking towards the door. He grabbed my arm. I turned around and his face was inches from mine.

"Just admit it, you want me." He whispered.

"Let go of me." I told him. He laughed. Fine you want to play it that way? "Niall, I guess your right," I looked down at my paint then back at him, "I do want you."

"Really?" He let go of me. I quickly took the cap of my pink paint bottle and dumped it all on his head.

"No." I smiled and dropped the paint bottle on the floor and walked out. "Oh, Mr. Johnson! Niall fell in the storage room. You know how graceful he gets."


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