Pitch Slapped

Delany was a freshman in high school and orientation was where clubs recruited the 'freshies'. Many clubs asked for her to come join but they all seemed to dorky like the chess club or book club. She didn't want to be a nerd like in middle school. She wanted to stand out, shine. That's when one specific club caught her eye, not just because of the guy recruiting with his brunette curls. Just the idea of it all. Being noticed.


7. The Real Cher

"Are you ready for your duet?" Harry asked sitting next to me at the same table I sat at yesterday for lunch.

"Yeah, Niall and I are going to do great." I answered.

"What song are you singing?" He asked.

"I'm not going to tell you. You will just have to wait." I smiled.

"Fine." He mumbled.

"Why are you sitting with me Harry?" I asked.

"You looked lonely." He said.

"Oh, thanks," I laughed, "Why aren't you with your girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend? I don't have a girlfriend." He said.

"Oh, I thought you and Cher were together." I said.

"No. Never." He took a bit of his sandwich.

"She's always hanging around you and telling you what to do."

"Well, Cher told me she liked me and I told her I only saw her as a friend. She didn't take that very well. You see Cher is very controlling. She is always telling people what to do like who to date, what to sing, how to sing, and more. So she's trying to get me to like her and she just won't take no. She just thinks she so cool because she gets all the solos in our songs." Harry explained.

"Oh." Is all that would come out of my mouth. Maybe Niall wasn't a player? Maybe Cher was just making that up? Delany snap out of it. Focus on school. No boys.

The bell rang.

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