Pitch Slapped

Delany was a freshman in high school and orientation was where clubs recruited the 'freshies'. Many clubs asked for her to come join but they all seemed to dorky like the chess club or book club. She didn't want to be a nerd like in middle school. She wanted to stand out, shine. That's when one specific club caught her eye, not just because of the guy recruiting with his brunette curls. Just the idea of it all. Being noticed.


18. Somebody's Heartbreak

Niall raised his hand. I glanced at him and he smiled.

"Mr. Horan. Come on up." Cowell said.

Niall walked on stage and grabbed the mic, "Hi I'm Niall and I'll be singing Somebody's Heartbreak."

"I'd love to know just what you're thinking. Every little river runnin' through your mind. You give an you take, you come and you go. You leave me here wondering, if I'll ever know. How much you care, or how much you don't. Whatever you need, whatever you want." He sang as he slowly walked across the stage.

"If you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak, if you're gonna be somebody's mistake. If you're gonna be somebody's first time, somebody's last time. Baby, be mine. If you're looking to be somebody's 'just friends'. A little laughin', a little lovin', never call it again. That's just fine, if you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak, be mine, yeah." He sang.

Niall was good, real good. I mean yeah we sang a duet together, but this was different. Like he was meaning ever word of it. Like this was actually-



My thoughts were interrupted by the cheering of everybody standing and clapping. I stood and clapped. Once everyone settled down Cowell gave his feedback.

"That was good Niall. Ever since you sang that duet with Delany you have been singing good. I like it. Did you write this song to anyone in particular?" Cowell asked.

Niall looked at his feet and then looked at me, "No." 

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