Pitch Slapped

Delany was a freshman in high school and orientation was where clubs recruited the 'freshies'. Many clubs asked for her to come join but they all seemed to dorky like the chess club or book club. She didn't want to be a nerd like in middle school. She wanted to stand out, shine. That's when one specific club caught her eye, not just because of the guy recruiting with his brunette curls. Just the idea of it all. Being noticed.


6. Lucky

I got up and Harry turned to me. "You'll do amazing I'm sure. See ya tomorrow.

"Thanks Harry." I smiled at him.

I left the theater and started heading back to my dorm.

"Hey." A familiar voice crept up from behind me.

I turned around to see Niall. Oh, joy.

"What song are we going to sing?" He asked.

"I don't know." I told him.

"Oh, well do you want to come over to my place and we could find a song and start rehearsing?" He asked.

"I guess, but we're just rehearsing." I told him.

"Okay, okay." He put his hands up in surrender.

We headed to the boys dorms and walked into his dorm. He shared his with Louis, I'm pretty sure that's his name. It was pretty messy. Pizza boxes were scattered every where.

"Well somebody likes Nando's a little too much." I laughed.

"Hey, don't judge me." He blushed clearing his bed. He walked over and sat by the computer and I sat on his bed. He then started playing some songs out loud for us to decide.

"Wait," I told him as he clicked to the next song, "Go back." 

He clicked back and my favorite song 'Lucky' by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet. 

"Want to do this one?" He asked.

"Of course," I answered. He started laughing. "What? This is one of my favorite songs."

"Mine too." He said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes. Jason Mraz really inspires me." He answered.

Niall printed up the lyrics, but both of us knew most of the song already. We started singing.

"Delany, you're really good." He told me.

"Shut up. I am not." I said.

"You don't even need music in the background, your voice just flows. You were born for a Capella " He replied.

I chucked a pizza box at him, "Shut up!" I giggled.

"Ow!" He whined.


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