Stole My Heart

It was just a normal day of work at Starbucks, until five gorgeous guys came into my life. I really like this guy named...what's his name? I don't know, but the problem is...why isn't he calling?


6. Truth or Dare Anyone?

We finished the ice cream and left. As we left the shop, Zayn's hand wandered to mine and intertwined fingers. I looked down at our hands together that fit perfectly and then back up at him. He was walking like it was no big deal and it was just normal. I smiled as I push strands of my hair behind my ear.
We walked to his car hand in hand and surprisingly, there weren't any paps. Or so we thought..
He did that thing that all gentlemen do. Zayn rushed to my side of the car and opened it for me. As a spur-of-the-moment thing, I kissed his cheek and sat down in the car. I don't know why I did..I just..did. I blushed immediately and quickly sat in the car. He just smiled and bit his lip, closing the door. Zayn ran to the other side of the vehicle and got in. He started up the car and laughed.
Me: What?
Zayn: I was just gonna ask what was that for?
He looked at me with those sparkling, hazel eyes of his. I kind of just stared into them for awhile.
Zayn: *laughs* Um.. Ahria?
Me: *snaps out of it* I'm sorry. What?
He repeated himself.
Me: Oh..uh..I don't know actually.
Zayn: *smiles* Alright, then.
He drove me to my apartment. I started to get out. Zayn put his hand on my arm to stop me.
Zayn: Wait.
I lowered back down into my seat.
Me: Yea?
Zayn: Stay at our hotel room tonight. You can take my bed. I'll take the couch. It would be really nice if you could spend time with all of the lads.
He was so sweet for offering his bed.
Me: You sure I won't be bothering you guys?
Zayn: I'm positive. And I can ask Liam and Louis if they want to bring their girlfriends Danielle and Eleanor over. You could meet them. I think you'll get on with them well.
I thought for awhile and decided it would be really fun.
Me: Yea, sure. Let me go get some pajamas and clothes for tomorrow, okay?
He smiled really big and it was adorable.
Zayn: I'll be waiting out here.
I nodded and smiled and got out of the car. Once I got inside, I hurried getting my stuff. I just got a tote bag that could hold clothes and my toothbrush and stuff. I also brought a ponytail for when I get in my pajamas. Since my hair was slightly curled, I thought it would be cute to put it up with my ponytail. I didn't want to waste time, so I put it on my wrist and hurried into the car.
Zayn: That was fast.
Me: Really? Seemed like I took forever.
Zayn: Nope.
He drove to the hotel and we sang along to the radio as we went. We got to the hotel and went to his room. I was a little nervous because I had only met Harry and Liam before. And I hadn't met Louis and Liam's girlfriends before either.
Zayn unlocked the room door and opened it as we walked inside. Louis was the first to see me. I only knew it was Louis because I looked up pictures of the guys the other night so I could match names with faces.
Louis: Got yourself a one night stand there, Zayn?
Louis laughed as he said that. I felt offended. Did Zayn do that a lot?
Zayn's face looked upset.
Zayn: Louis.. This is Ahria. That girl I was telling you about.
Louis' face immediately looked sympathetic.
Louis: Oh. Zayn, I'm sorry. Nice to meet you, Ahria. Zayn's talked a lot about you. *holds his hand out for me to shake it*
I just put a smile on my face. One comment shouldn't ruin the whole night. I shook his hand.
Me: Nice to meet you, Louis.
Louis smiled a fake smile and went to the living room area of the hotel room. He felt bad. Zayn put his arm on my shoulder and pulled me in closer so he could whisper in my ear.
Zayn: Sorry about him. Just ignore it.
I looked up and smiled an understanding smile.
Me: I'm fine, Zayn.
He smiled and walked me into the room where all of the guys were sitting.
Liam: Oh, hey, Ahria!
He got up and hugged me. It was a little weird considering I only talked to him once before. I hugged back anyway.
Me: Hey, Liam.
The next person to hug me was Harry. We greeted each other and he sat back down.
Zayn: Niall. This is Ahria.
I remembered Niall when I first saw him at Starbucks. He waved and smiled at me with food in his mouth. He was the only one eating and that made me laugh. I waved back.
Me: Hi, Niall.
He talked with food in his mouth.
Niall: Hey.
Zayn: And Louis, you just met her.
Louis nodded still uncomfortable.
Zayn and I sat down and made conversation with the rest of the boys.
Zayn: Oh, Louis, Liam. I told Ahria that you should invite Danielle and Eleanor. She could meet them while she's here. I mean, she'll eventually have to meet them.
Liam: Yea, we could do that.
Liam pulled out his phone and texted someone. Either Danielle or Eleanor. Whichever one was his girlfriend.
Louis did the same.
Louis: She said she be over in a bit.
Liam: Danielle said she's coming right now.
Oh, Danielle was Liam's girlfriend. So Eleanor was Louis'.
Zayn: Alright. What are we gonna do when they get here?
Me: Truth or Dare?
Harry got a big smile on his face.
Harry: Let's do this poo.
I laughed. Harry was definitely what Zayn would call "Cheeky."
Niall was still stuffing his face with Pringles.
Niall: Sounds fun!
Just as we were discussing it, there was a couple of knocks on the door.
Liam: That must be them.
Liam got up and answered the door. Two gorgeous girls walked in with him. One had curly brown hair and was darker skined than the other. She had brown eyes and it looks like she worked out frequently. The other had light brown hair that was parted in the middle. She had a vintage look to her. Also, she was holding a cup of Starbucks. I kind of smiled since that was where I worked. I didn't know which one was which until I saw Liam had his arm around the curly haired one. That must be Danielle. Eleanor smiled at me and said, "Hi."
I said hi back and they sat down next to their boyfriends. Danielle looked at Zayn
Danielle: Zayn, I'm sorry to hear what happened between you and Perrie.
Zayn shrugged.
Zayn: Don't be. It wasn't meant to be, obviously.
Danielle nodded and Liam put his arm around her. Louis finally spoke up since the beginning.
Louis: Ahria gave the idea of Truth or Dare.
Eleanor: Oh, that's your name?
She looked at me.
Me: Yea, you must be Eleanor.
I flashed her a smile.
Eleanor nodded.
Danielle: Pretty name.
Me: Thanks. I love the name Danielle.
She smiled at me.
Harry: Enough of that. Are we gonna play Truth or Dare or what?
Niall nodded and set his food down. After he swallowed, he talked.
Niall: I want to go first.
Harry: Gooo.
Niall: Okay. Um. Louis, truth or dare?
Louis: Let's do dare.
Niall: I dare you to go down to all of the fans with a bullhorn and say, "I have a woman's arse!" and then leave.
Louis: Alright.
He gets up and grabs the bullhorn they use when they talk to fans sometimes. Louis goes outside and the rest of the group opens the window to watch him. The fans screamed when they saw him. Louis screamed the phrase into the bullhorn and walked away. The fans just screamed louder which made the whole group laugh. Louis gets back up and sits down with the rest of them.
Louis: Okay. Eleanor, truth or dare?
Eleanor: Truth.
Louis: What would you do to a boy for a Klondike bar?
They all laughed 'cause he was kind of kidding.
Eleanor: Umm.. I would kiss him.
Louis ran to the mini refrigerator they had and took out a Klondike bar. He held it out to her.
Louis: Now you have to kiss me.
Eleanor smiled and kissed him which earned fake aw's from all of the guys and real one's from the girls. Louis handed her the bar and sat down.
Eleanor: Harry, truth or dare?
Harry: Dare. Duh.
Eleanor: I dare you to moon the window when the fans are looking.
Harry shrugged and got up.
Harry: Not like they haven't seen it before.
Harry pulled his baggy pants down and mooned the window. There would definitely be pictures of it the next day.
Harry sat back down and looked at me.
Harry: Ahria. Truth or dare?
Me: Um.. Truth.
Harry: No! Do dare!
Me: Okay? Dare..
Harry: I dare you and Zayn to kiss.
Zayn looked down at me waiting to see my response. I was pretty nervous. I mean we really have only kissed once and we were alone for most of it. Now, all these people are watching.
~Zayn's POV~
When Harry said that, I was happy. I wanted to kiss her, but I wasn't sure if she felt the same. I just waited to see a sign that she wanted to, but she just kept looking at me. Ahria never said anything, so I leaned in. She closed her eyes as I got closer and her breathing became choppy. She was nervous, I could tell. I put my hands on her waist and my lips met with hers softly. Her hands snaked up from my sides to my neck and wrapped around it. Our kiss was just getting longer and longer until Harry said something.
Harry: Are you guys done or do you want a room?
I could sense some sarcasm in his voice and Ahria pulled away, blushing. It was so cute. I just laughed a little and held Ahria by the waist. I looked over at Danielle and she was whispering something to Liam. After she talked, he shook his head. I don't know what she asked.. I'll ask Liam later. Ahria spoke up shyly.
Ahria: I'm tired. I think I should go to bed.
Louis: So soon?
Niall: We just started the game!
Ahria: Sorry. I'm tired..
She got up and walked to the bathroom. I followed her and waited outside the bathroom. Ahria came out in this:
Me: Are you really tired?
She nodded and walked to the bed I slept in. I sighed. I didn't know what her problem was.
Me: Please talk to me, Ahria.
Ahria: Zayn. I'm fine. I promise. That was just weird back there..
Me: Weird how?
Ahria: We aren't even dating..
I looked down.
Me: Oh, yea.
She nodded and got under the blankets. I sat there for awhile and she interrupted my thoughts.
Ahria: And I can't stand the thought of you sleeping on that uncomfortable couch. Just sleep here with me. Okay?
I smiled.
Me: Alright, love.
She fell asleep with me laying next to her. I carefully got off the bed and went to talk to the rest.
~Ahria's POV~
I woke up and Zayn wasn't there anymore. I sighed and got out of the bed going into the living room area.
Me: Zayn?
Zayn looked up at me. I was still pretty much half asleep.
Zayn: Yea? What do you need, Ahria?
Me: ..I don't remember why I got up..I just know you weren't there when I woke up.
Zayn: I'll go to bed with you, Ahria.
He got up and walked towards me. He told me to lay down while he got his pajamas on in the bathroom. After he did, he laid down on the other side and we talked until I feel asleep. It was perfect.

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