Stole My Heart

It was just a normal day of work at Starbucks, until five gorgeous guys came into my life. I really like this guy named...what's his name? I don't know, but the problem is...why isn't he calling?


3. Superhuman

Sorry I haven't been updating. Here it is. :)

I looked back down at the clothing rack, hoping he would take the hint that I wanted him to go away. It didn't work. I felt a tap on my shoulder and he was standing there with the most adorable smile on his face.
Zayn: Hi.
Me: Um.. Hi.
There was an awkward moment of silence. Tara and Alexa were standing there looking at us. I gave them a look that they should leave me in private. They got the hint and went to look at clothes on the other side of the store. It was still silent.
Me: ..Can I help you?
~Zayn's POV~
I didn't even notice there was silence between us. I was just staring at her the whole time. I don't think she noticed, though. She kept looking at her friends. I still needed to learn her name. This was the first time I saw her hair down. Gorgeous was all I thought it was. As I was checking her out, she stopped my thoughts by talking.
Her: ..Can I help you?
Me: Oh, uh, yea. How come you..or Starbucks..didn't answer last night?
She gave me a confused look. First, it was a surprised look. Then, it was just plain confusion. Did she not know that I knew that number was her? That was probably the surprised look. That I knew it was her, not Starbucks. The confused look.. I don't know. I was still upset she gave me the wrong number.
I pulled out the paper and held it out to her.
Me: This is the number, right?
She still had a confused look on her face which was really cute. She took it from my hand and read over the numbers.
Her: Oh! No, this isn't the right number. I'm sorry. I must've accidentally wrote the wrong number.
Well, at least I knew she didn't mean to now.
Me: Well, can I get the right one?
Her: I don't have a pen.
Me: Me neither. Here.. *takes out my phone* I'll just put it in my phone. What is it?
She lists off the number while I put it in my phone. She looked like she was debating to tell me something or not. I stood there until she decided. She opened her mouth and took a breath to talk.
Her: You do know that's not really Starbucks' number..right?
I smiled at her.
Me: Yea, I kind of guessed that.
Her: Oh. Well, my name's Ahria. Nice to meet you..?
She held out her hand and looked at me until I reminded her what my name was.
Me: Zayn.
Her: Right, Zayn. Well, it was nice to meet you.
I shook her hand and smiled at her. I walked away while her name repeated in my head. It was beautiful and unique. Uh-rye-uh.
I walked up to the boys with a smile on my face. They each gave me a look waiting for the story.
Niall: Well?
I explained to them the whole thing.
~Ahria's POV~
Yea, I didn't forget his name. I just wanted to make it look like I did and that I wasn't into him. Ugh, what's the point. I am with a girlfriend, or not.
My friends came up to me in almost a running fashion.
Alexa: What did he say?
Me: I must've given him the wrong number. That's why he didn't call.
Tara: Did you tell him your number or Starbucks'?
Me: My number and I told him it was mine, not Starbucks'.
Tara: Oh.
We shopped some more and then went home. Finally, I had some alone time at my house.
I took my contacts out and put my glasses on, took my make up off, and got dressed in this because I wanted it to be a lazy night:
Tara got me the "I Like Cats" shirt for Christmas and told me it reminded her of Harry.. whichever one of Zayn's friends that was. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I used it as pajamas and stuff.
I watched TV for awhile, but got bored with it. Who was the chick Tara said was dating Zayn? I know I made a TV show reference to her name.. Was it from Spongebob? No.. Uh.. Um.. Perrie! That's what it was! I said her name was from Phineas and Ferb! Wow. Now that I think of that, that's kind of mean.. Oh, well.
I decided to do some research on her. I was a little hungry, so I went to the kitchen to get an ice cream sandwhich. I plopped down onto my computer chair and opened up Google Crome to go to YouTube. Hm.. It might help to know her last name.. I opened up a new tab and went to Google. "What is Zayn Malik's girlfriend's name?" Perrie Edwards. Okay.
I went back to YouTube and typed her name in the search bar. I found videos of her band and their songs. No, I didn't feel like listening to those. Then, there was one that had Zayn's name in the title. It was interview where she talked about him. I had a feeling I would get jealous, but I clicked on it anway. She had winged eyeliner that kind of looked weird. Not trying to be mean or anything, but it did. Maybe that was just the style in England.. There was one part of the video that caught my eye.
It was her looking down somewhere and she said, "I'm just really, really happy." and then she smiled. She was clearly happy with Zayn and he didn't seem upset about it either. I finished the last of my ice cream sandwhich in one quick bite and closed out of the tabs quickly. I felt myself tear up. She had him and I didn't. I stood up and went to the kitchen and threw my wrapper away, tears streaming down my face. I looked to find the closest thing to me that would be the safest to throw. It was the latest book I had been reading. The Hunger Games. I picked it up and threw it across the room, screaming a little while I did.
I collapsed on the floor in the kitchen and cried. Why was I getting so worked up about this? I need to calm down. I pulled myself up, using the counter. I walked to the living room where the TV was still on. My phone buzzed. Ugh. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now. I ignored it, but it buzzed again. It only buzzes multiple times if someone's calling me. Shit. I picked it up and it was just a number, not one I had in my contacts. I almost clicked ignore, when I remembered Zayn had my number. I sighed because I would probably sound like crap since I had just been crying. I clicked answer and held the phone up to my head.
Me: Hello?
My voice cracked when I said that. Crap! Now he'll be able to tell I had been crying.
Zayn: Um.. Hi, Ahria. It's Zayn.
I smiled just hearing his name.
Me: Hi, Zayn.
Ugh! It cracked again!
Zayn: What's wrong?
There was a sense of worry in his voice. Did he really care that much?
Me: Oh, uh, it's nothing..
I had that lump in your throat when you try to hold in tears. That made it hard to talk.
Zayn: Are you sure? Your voice doesn't sound like normal..
Me: I'm  fine.
There was a pause for awhile. It was kind of awkward.
Zayn: Please tell me what's wrong..
Me: Oh, um.. It's just.. I've been having..
I tried to think of a reason to cry.. I hope this sounded honest.
Me: Friend problems.
Zayn: Do you want to talk about it?
Me: Um..
Zayn: I'll come over to your house.
That sounded pretty good..but I'm not having friend problems! Tara, Alexa, and I are just fine! It was too tempting to pass up, though.
Me: Sure.
I told him my address and then we hung up. I sat there watching TV until he came over. Then, I felt the stickiness of dried tears on my face. Crap! I ran into the bathroom and washed my face off and tried to make it look like I wasn't crying. Then, I realized I had no make-up on.. Zayn was gonna see me like this. In the mirror, I saw my shirt. "I Like Cats". My eyes widened because he would see me in this outfit, too! As I was about to run to my room to change, the doorbell rang. Noo! I groaned and walked like a zombie to the door, dreading him seeing me like this.
I opened the door to his smiling face that made me forget about everything. Perrie, me looking like shit, the whole "friend troubles" thing. Everything. I smiled back. He hugged me and then walked inside. As he backed into my house, he looked at my outfit. Then, he smiled at me again.
Zayn: Great outfit.
It didn't sound like he was being sarcastic.
Me: *looks down at my outfit* Um. Thanks. I wasn't exactly planning on anyone being here tonight except me.
Zayn: You look great. And I like your glasses.
I just realized I didn't have my contacts in either.
Me: Thanks.
We sat down and started talking. Then, he brought up the topic of my friends.
Zayn: So, you wanna talk about you and your friends?
Me: Um.. Actually, Zayn. That's what I was afraid you would bring up.
He looked at me confusingly.
Me: My friends and I aren't really having problems..
Zayn: Then, why did you say you were?
Me: I didn't want you to know the real reason.
He scooted closer to me after I said that.
Zayn: Tell me the real reason, then..
Then, he leaned even closer. His face was inches from mine.
Zayn: You can trust me.
His eyes were looking straight into mine which made it hard to think. Gah. He shouldn't do that to me.
Me: I, uh, I watched a chick flick.
He smiled at me. His face was still really close.
Zayn: A chick flick? Really?
I nodded, still looking in his eyes.
Zayn: You know you're a really bad liar, right?
I just looked at him and he leaned in slowly. His eyes closed like he was gonna kiss me. I closed my eyes, too, but then the oven timer went off. I backed away really fast, snaping out of my daze.
Me: That's the brownies.
He seemed to snap out of it, too.
Zayn: You're making brownies?
I nodded and quickly walked into the kitchen. That was close. I don't think I could live with myself because he has a girlfriend.
I got the brownies out and let them cool off. After they were cooled down, I cut them up and got Zayn and me one. I sat down and handed him his brownie.
Zayn: Thanks. *takes a bite*
Me: You're welcome.
Zayn: These are good. You make these a lot?
I shrugged.
Me: Sorta.
He took another bite.
Zayn: Well, they're really good.
Me: Thanks.
He mumbled something like "Mhm" into his brownie while he took another bite. I didn't really understand him.
We started talking about a lot of stuff. And then we talked about his band. I had looked their songs up last night while laying in bed. Stole My Heart was definitely my favorite.
Zayn: Have you heard our songs before?
I nodded.
Me: Stole My Heart is my favorite.
He smiled. And next thing I knew, he was singing it to me. It was heaven. He got finished with the song and did one of those bows people do after performing. I put a smirk on my face.
Me: Impressive, Mr. Malik.
Zayn: Well, thank you, Ms...
Me: Hyatt.
He smiled once again.
Zayn: Well, thank you, Ms. Hyatt.
I smiled and nodded.
We started talking about how he was on tour and was on a break for a week.
Me: In Nebraska? Wouldn't you take a week break in a place more exciting?
He shrugged.
Zayn: Management's idea. But I'm glad we did. *smiles*
I blushed.
Me: So, if you're on a week break, when did your week start?
Zayn: About four days ago.
Me: ..So you only have three days left before you have to leave?
Zayn: Yea, but we aren't going far.
Me: Where are you going?
Zayn: Denver.
Me: Oh.
He nodded and he seemed sad now. I didn't blame him. I was, too.
We learned a lot about each other that night. Stuff that I didn't think I would tell people I just met, pretty much.
He went back to the hotel at about 2 in the morning.. Yea.. It was a long talk.
~Next Day at about 10 PM~
I was walking to a friend's house because we were gonna hang out. It was pretty dark out, but I felt like walking.
As I was walking, this guy came up to me and started talking to me.
Guy: Hey, pretty lady.
I just kept walking. Ugh. I don't like people like that. And he looked pretty old, too..
He grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back around since I didn't answer him. He pulled me close and was breathing hard. His breath reeked of alcohol. A drunk person.. I should've known.
Guy: Where do you think you're going?
Me: Somewhere you're not.
I hit his hand away in a way that my dad taught me. He was a cop and taught me different ways of escaping people like this. I started to run away, but it was pretty hard in high heels. He grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me back around again. I started getting really worried.
Guy: You're not going anywhere. You're coming with me.
I had a skirt on and his hands tried to make their way up it. I pushed them away and tried to break free.
Me: I have a boyfriend.
That was a lie, but I tried to see if it would work. It was no use. His grip was too strong. He started to push me towards his car. I screamed out for help.
I was trying to look around for someone to see me. It wasn't a very busy street.
I looked left and right again and I saw no other than Zayn Malik. What was he doing walking on this street? It didn't matter. I needed his help. I screamed out "Help!" one more time and he noticed me. He started running as soon as the guy pushed me into the passenger side. He must've been really fast because he was there in no time.
He pulled the guy away from me. The guy looked at him for awhile and then back at me.
Guy: Is this your boyfriend? *points at Zayn*
Before I could answer, Zayn punched the guy right in the face. He was knocked out, cold. Zayn was my superhero. Or should I say, superhuman. I loved that song by them. Zayn looked at me and he was breathing hard. I was, too. He reached out his hand.
Zayn: Come on. We gotta get out of here.
I took his hand and got out of the alcohol and smoke smelling car. We started running, but he must've picked up fast that I couldn't run in heels. He picked me up bridal style and continued to run. We got about three blocks away when he stopped and set me down. He was still breathing hard from running, but I wasn't. My heart was just racing.
I immediately hugged him and tears started running down my face. It finally got to me that I could've been raped..or killed..back there, but Zayn saved me. He was trying to calm me down by running his fingers through my hair and and humming in my ear and shushing me.
Me: Thank you so much, Zayn.
Zayn: It was no problem. I'd do anything for you.
He kind of pulled away and looked me in the eye and wiped a tear away with his thumb.
Me: There was nobody there except for me and him. And out of all people in this world, you showed up. I don't get that.
Zayn shrugged.
Zayn: I just had this feeling that I wanted to take a walk. And now I know why.
He must be like my guardian angel or something.
Zayn: But I have one question.
Me: What?
Zayn: Why were you walking in high heels, a skirt, and a tank top on on a Saturday night?
That makes me sound kind of like a hooker.. Thanks, Zayn.
Me: My friend was having a party.
Zayn: And you decided to walk?
Me: I didn't feel like driving.
Zayn shook his head.
Zayn: You know you can be really stupid sometimes, Ahria.
He pulled me close and hugged me again and kissed the top of my head. I looked up at him and smiled. Next thing I knew, his lips were hovering over mine. Not again. We were about to kiss, which I was letting happen, when I heard a honk. It was Alexa and Tara in Alexa's car. They had to yell out to talk to me.
Tara: Where have you  been? We've been waiting forever!
Me: It's a long story! I'll tell you later!
They must've noticed I had been crying with my smeared mascara.
Alexa: You know, if you don't want to come to the party, you don't have too!
I looked at Zayn and he was looking at me.
Me: I want to! But do you mind if Zayn comes?
Alexa: Not at all! Hop in!
We got into the car and drove to the party. That was another close call..

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