Stole My Heart

It was just a normal day of work at Starbucks, until five gorgeous guys came into my life. I really like this guy named...what's his name? I don't know, but the problem is...why isn't he calling?


4. Oops..

It was really loud at the party. Since Zayn didn't know anybody there, but me, he was practically glued to my side.
In order to talk to him, I had to talk like right into his ear. The music was that loud. Why did Tara and Alexa invite this many people?
Me: You should go talk to people.
Zayn: But I don't know anyone.
Ow. He yelled into my ear.
Me: That's exactly what I mean. Go make some friends.
Zayn: Why? So I can make close friends and then leave in 2 days?
That felt like a stab in the chest. He was leaving in 2 days and I'm not sure that I'll ever see him again. I've never felt this close to anyone besides Tara and Alexa. Maybe even closer...
Zayn: ..I don't need more heartbreak. I'll already be leaving you...
That made me feel a little better knowing he felt the same. All of a sudden, I felt a hand locking fingers with mine. I looked down at my hand and it was his. I smiled and looked back up at him. He was smiling, too.
Me: You know. I don't exactly feel like partying anymore.
Zayn: Me either. What do you say we go back to my place?
Me: Your place? You mean the hotel?
Zayn: Yea.
Me: Okay! Let's go!
We didn't have a car, so we had to walk. Zayn carried my high heels for me since I took them off. Luck for us, the hotel wasn't far from the party.
We got there and took the elevator up to their penthouse room. There were a couple girls outside of the room fangirling and calling out names of One Direction. Zayn had to sign stuff and take a couple pictures, but it didn't take long. Some girls asked me who I was. I just replied that I was Zayn's friend. Some girls shot me a look and whispered to their friends something about cheating and Perrie. I couldn't make it out. I just shrugged it off, but it bothered me when we finally got through.
Zayn swiped the card for their room and we went inside. I immediately asked Zayn:
Me: Did you hear what they said about me?
Zayn: What did they say?
His expression all of a sudden became worried and protective at the same time.
Me: Something about cheating and Perrie.
His expression changed back to normal.
Zayn: Oh, all they said was they think I'm cheating on Perrie with you. *laughs* They assume so quickly.
Me: Oh.
I kind of wanted that to be true, but I know what's it's like to be cheated on. I don't want Perrie to go through that no matter how jealous I was of her. Plus, I don't even really know her. She could be really cool.
?: Zayn? Is that you?
Zayn: Yea, Harry. It's me.
Harry. That was the person Tara said reminded her of when she gave me the "I Like Cats" shirt. Finally, I could have a face with the name.
Zayn and I walked into the bedroom where Harry was in. There was another guy in there, too. It was that buff guy with the lowish voice at Starbucks. What was his name?
Harry: Hey, Zayn.
Harry's eyes drifted to me. He was the curly haired one with the dimples. He was cute.
Harry: Who's this, Zayn?
Zayn: Oh, Harry, Liam, this is Ahria.
Liam. That was the other guy's name.
Harry and Liam exchanged glances at each other with smiles on their faces. Then, they looked back at me.
Harry: So this is Ahria..
Liam: Hi, Ahria.
Me: Hi, Liam.
I gave Harry and Liam a smile and a wave, then Harry started to talk again.
Harry: We've heard so much about you. Zayn won't stop talking about you.
I looked up at Zayn and smiled. He was looking at Harry like, "Seriously?" and he was blushing.
Me: Is this true, Zayn?
I laughed and grabbed his arm, still looking at him. Zayn looked down at me.
Zayn: I don't know what he's talking about.
Me: Mhm. Sure..
I let go of his arm. Zayn and I sat down on the bed Liam was sitting on.
Zayn: Where's Louis and Niall?
Niall. I remember Tara talking about him. He was the blonde, blue eyed one. Louis? I vaguely remember Alexa talking about him. She said she wanted me to set her up with him. Tara wanted me to set her up with Niall.
Before Liam or Harry could answer, I found myself blurting out something.
Me: My friends like them.
Did I really just think that outloud?
Harry: Oh, really?
Me: Uh.. Yea.
Liam: Niall's been looking for a girlfriend. What's her name?
Me: Um. Tara likes him.
Harry: Tara and Niall.. Tiall or Nara?
Zayn laughed.
Zayn: Nara sounds better.
Liam: Tiall sounds like tiled floor.
I laughed.
Zayn: Which one likes Louis?
Me: Alexa.
Liam: Louexa or Alouis?
Me: Louexa. Definitely.
Harry: That's what I was thinking. Anyway, they went out to a pub.
Zayn: Doesn't surprise me.
Harry: I thought about going, but I was too tired.
Liam: There will be drunk pictures of them by tomorrow.
Zayn: *laughs* Yea.
Zayn's phone rang and he looked at the contact. He looked back up at me.
Zayn: I gotta take this.
Me: Go ahead.
He smiled at me, then nodded, then left the room.
Liam: Perrie.
Harry: Yep.
Liam: Has Zayn told you about Perrie?
Me: Oh, sort of. I just know that she's his girlfriend.
Liam: Yea, she is.
Harry: And by the sound of it, she's not too happy.
We all became silent, so we could hear Zayn.
Zayn: No, you don't understa-. Perrie, would you just-. She's just a friend!
Harry looked at me.
Harry: By any chance, did you and Zayn ever become "close" out in public?
Me: Close?
Harry: Like hugging or something?
Me: Oh, I don't know. Maybe.
Liam got on his phone.
Liam: Um... Apparently you did. There's fans blowing up Zayn's Twitter with a picture of him carrying you and you guys almost kissing. Oh, and you crying while hugging him.
There were people there?! We were the only one's there besides that creepy dude! How could we not see paparazzi?!
I took Liam's phone and looked at the pictures. I started to freak out.
Me: No, no. They don't understand.
Harry: Don't understand what?
I gave Liam his phone back and sighed.
Me: This old guy was drunk and he was trying to get me into his car.. Zayn was walking by and he got the guy away from me. I had high heels on, so I couldn't run and he carried me.
Liam: So how do you explain the almost kissing?
Me: ...I can't.
Liam: What?
Me: But we didn't! I would feel so bad if we did.
Liam patted my back. Which was kind of awkward. I didn't really know them.
Liam: You're a good friend for thinking that. Perrie would be hurt.
Harry: Sounds like she is.
Zayn came back in looking frustrated.
Me: What's going on?
Zayn: Perrie..
Me: What did she say?
Zayn: Apparently, there was paparazzi after I saved you from that guy. I had to explain the whole thing and she finally understood.
Me: Then why do you look frustrated?
Zayn: It's nothing.
I hugged him and he hugged back.
Me: I should really be going home.
Zayn: You need a ride?
I thought about just walking home, but then I remembered that guy. I didn't want that to happen again.
Me: Would you?
Zayn: Of course.
We got up and headed to the car. We got in and started driving.
Zayn: Perrie is coming to the US right now.
Me: ..What?
Zayn: She wanted to come visit. She'll be here tomorrow. You want to meet her?
Me: Oh, uh, sure!
No, I really didn't.
Me: What time?
Zayn: I think she said she'd be here around 3 in the afternoon.
Me: Okay. I'll be ready.
We were at my house.
Zayn: I'll see ya later.
Me: Bye, Zayn.
I got out and went inside. I immediately, got dressed in my pajamas and washed my face. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.
~Zayn's POV~
What I told her was nothing, was something. Perrie was the most upset about a picture of us almost kissing. I wanted to, but I had a girlfriend. And Ahria's friends interrupted us. But I could never do that to Perrie. Hopefully a cat fight doesn't break out tomorrow. Perrie can get jealous easily..
~Next Day~
~Ahria's POV~
Zayn was already over at my house in the afternoon. I was wearing this:
We had lunch together and when we were bored, we sat on the floor and he played with my hair. He did different styles like a ponytail, pigtails, and a braid. For a boy, he did really good.
Then, we watched TV for awhile, which got boring, too. I looked over at Zayn who was watching the episode of Friends that was playing. I looked down and his phone was right there. I was tempted to take it and get on his Twitter.
Me: Zayn, did you tell Perrie to come here when she got here?
Zayn looked at me.
Zayn: Yea, why?
Me: Oh, just wondering.
Zayn: Okay.
He looked back at the TV and I slowly went for his phone. I grabbed it and ran into the kitchen. Zayn ran after me.
Zayn: Ahria! What are you doing?!
He laughed and ran after me.
Me: I just wanted to Tweet!
He caught up to me and tried to reach for his phone.
Zayn: Give it back! Hahah.
Me: No, just let me Tweet!
I kept running.
Zayn: What are you going to Tweet?
Me: Oh, just something!
Zayn: No! Give it back!
He trapped me into the wall by the door. Both of his arms were by my head, so I could get out. We were both breathing hard.
Me: Looks like you got me.
I smiled at him.
Zayn: Yea.. I did..
Oh, shoot. It was happening again. We were about to kiss. How many times was this gonna happen? We were bound to at some point!
His eyes looked deep into mine. Ugh! Those amazing, brown eyes. He bit his lip.. Gosh.. Don't do that to me, Zayn.. He leaned in slowly. I closed my eyes and he closed his. Then, before I knew it, our lips met. I grabbed his sides and his hands remained on the wall. Our kiss got deeper and deeper until finally, the door opened. We didn't move.

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