Stole My Heart

It was just a normal day of work at Starbucks, until five gorgeous guys came into my life. I really like this guy named...what's his name? I don't know, but the problem is...why isn't he calling?


2. Incoming Call

But anyway, they freaked out at me.
Alexa: Are you kidding me?! You don't know who those guys were?!
Me: ...What?
Tara: Wow, Ahria. I can't believe this..
Me: Please explain this to me.
Alexa: THAT. Was One Direction, you idiot!
Oh! That's what Zayn was from that I recognized his name!
Me: Wow! I can't believe I didn't remember that!
Tara: *shrugs* Doesn't really surprise me. You were never really into them.
Me: *shrugs, too* I like their music, I just never got that into them.
Alexa: I know. But you talked to them! How are their voices in person?
Me: I'm just being honest. Angelic.
Tara: And Niall's?
Me: I just said their voices were angelic..
Which one was Niall again? I was hoping she would hint at who he was.
Tara: I need to see his blue eyes in person someday..
Oh, it was the Irish one.
Me: I'm sure you will.
Alexa: Hey, Ahria.
Me: What?
Alexa: If it works out with you and Zayn, you should set me up with Louis and set Tara up with Niall.
Tara looked at me with a smile on her face and nodded. I laughed and agreed that I would even if it didn't work out with me and Mr. Malik.
We decided to have a sleepover tonight since none of us had to work tomorrow. It was 9 and Zayn still hadn't called.. Ugh. The suspense was killing me. I checked my phone for a missed call like every 2 minutes and Alexa was starting to be annoyed by it.
How long was he going to take?
~Zayn's POV~
The guys and I were hanging out in the hotel room. We were on tour in America. They were all making fun of me for my little crush. Especially Louis..
Louis: She was so into you, Zayn! Did you see her stare?
I decided to be a little sarcastic.
Me: No, I just pointed it out to you because I didn't see her.
Louis smiled at me. Harry, Niall, and Liam sat back kind of enjoying this teasing.
Louis: I'm sure you two will get on well. Have you gave her a call yet? Or actually, have you gave 'Starbucks' a call yet? *smiles*
He did the air quotations for emphasis on the word "Starbucks". We all knew it was her number. She made it too obvious. Liam finally spoke up. I haven't heard him speak since we got back.
Liam: What was her name again?
I looked around the room trying to remember if she told me her name. No, I would've remembered..
Me: You know. I don't really know. She never mentioned it.
Louis: Well, maybe if you called her, you might learn it!
He made a good point. I looked at my phone for awhile, biting my lip. I reached in my pocket and got that survey and the piece of paper with the number out. I unfolded both and grabbed my phone. I dialed the number and held it up to my face. While it was ringing, I glanced up at the others. They were all wearing a smile on their face and whispering stuff to each other. I rolled my eyes and looked at the survey.
She picked up.
Her: Hello?
Me: Hi, it's Zayn. Is this Starbucks?
I smiled because I knew it wasn't.
Her: Um.. I'm sorry... What?
Me: Is this Starbucks?
Her: No, this is Melody. You must have the wrong number.
Me: Oh. Okay. I'm sorry.
Her: It's fine.
And then the Melody chick hung up. I looked up at the boys and tossed my phone on the bed that I was sitting on.
Niall: Well?
Me: Wrong number..
Harry: She gave you the wrong number? After she led you on?
Me: *nods* I guess.
Liam and Louis came over to give me a hug. Weird. Louis was just making fun of me. They both said that they were sorry and I told them they shouldn't be. There was nothing they could do about it.
~Ahria's POV~
Me: Seriously. Why. Hasn't. He. Called.
Alexa was laying down on the fluffy carpet. We all agreed to sleep on the floor tonight.
Alexa: Ahria. It's 3 in the morning. Go to sleep. I don't think Zayn will call this late...or early.
Tara was asleep and it was really hard to wake her up. She was out of it. Alexa, on the other hand, is a lighter sleeper. I could get her to wake up.
I turned my phone off and layed down next to Alexa.
Me: Fine.
And I went to sleep.
~Next Day~
I woke up at about 10. I turned my phone on and then looked at Alexa and Tara to see if they were up. Alexa was gone.. She probably went to get on my computer. That's what she usually does when we sleep over here because she wakes up before all of us. Tara was still asleep. Not a shock.
I looked at my phone. 0 new messages. 0 missed calls. Ugh. Does he just not want to call me?
I guess I should just forget about it. A guy like Zayn would never like me. He's in, what I hear, a very popular band. He could probably get any girl he wants. And I'm sure he does.
I needed to learn everything about this band..especially Zayn.. that I could. Tara was the expert on them. Now, if I needed help on Justin Bieber, I would go to Alexa. How am I gonna get her up?
I shook her and said her name a couple of times. Nothing. I hit her lightly and said her name and that she needed to wake up. Nothing. Geesh! I needed Alexa's help. I went into the computer room and she was there on Twitter.
She looked up at me.
Alexa: Morning.
Me: Hey, could you help me wake up Tara?
Alexa: Ugh. She never gets up though..
Me: Just help me! I have some jello in the fridge and you can have some if you help.
Alexa: What flavor?
Me: Lime.
Alexa: Does it have pears in it?
Me: Yes.
She smiled. I knew she loved that flavor.
Alexa: Okay. I'll help.
We went out there and tried every possible, nice way to wake Tara up. Nothing. It was time to bring in the more aggressive ways. We started hitting her with pillows.
She opened her eyes and looked at us like she was mad.
Tara: What?
She buried her head back into her pillow and tried to go back to sleep.
Me: No, Tara. I need your help.
Tara: Can't you just tell me about your conversation with Zayn later?
Me: Actually the call never happened. But I need your help! Come on. Get up and go take a shower.
If me or Alexa went in their first, she would fall back asleep. She groggily stood up and walked like a zombie into the bathroom. You could tell she didn't want to be up.
Alexa and I sat and watched Spongebob while she was in the shower. Tara came out looking a lot better and more awake than she did earlier. She did her hair in a side braid today. She was wearing this:
Alexa: *stands up* I'll go next.
Alexa goes to the bathroom and takes a shower. Tara and Ahria sat on the couch and watched TV while she was in there.
Tara: What did you need help with?
Me: I want you to teach me everything you know about One Direction.
She gave me a look like she could read my mind.
Tara: You mean you want me to teach you everything I know about ZAYN.
Me: Well, yea. Mostly him. I just want to know what he's like and see if I actually want to go after him. But I want to know about his friends, too.
Tara: This might take awhile. We can start now, but we need to go to...the mall and we can talk about it while we shop.
I smiled at the idea. I needed new clothes anyway.
Me: Sounds good.
She started telling me all the stuff like what his favorite color was and other stuff, but I stopped her there.
Me: I can learn this stuff from him. I want to know the things like..who has he dated?
Tara smiled at me and slowly nodded like she got what I meant.
Tara: Well, let's talk about Perrie.
Me: Perrie? As in Perry the Platypus?
Tara laughed even though she hated that show.
Tara: No. Perrie Edwards. Zayn's dating her.
I felt my stomach drop and my face filled with jealousy.. I could tell.
Me: He has a girlfriend?
Tara: I'm sorry, Ahria. I thought you knew.
I felt like I was on the verge of tears.
Me: I didn't even know her name! How was I supposed to know he was dating someone! I got the wrong idea! No wonder he never called!
Tara just sat there and looked at me while I ranted, adding in little comments or nods at some parts. Alexa finally came out and asked what was wrong. I didn't answer her. I just go my clothes and went to take a shower.
Alexa was wearing this with a high ponytail:
I took a shower taking my sweet time. I didn't want to face the world right now.. He had a girlfriend and that was the end of it. He would never see anything in me. I forced myself to get around and dressed myself in this:
I didn't do anything special to my hair. I just left it down.
So we all piled into Tara's car and headed to the mall. Hollister was the first store we headed too.
Tara: Do you still want to know stuff about them?
Me: What's the point..?
I just kept moped and looked through the racks. Seriously, though. What was the point?
Tara: Okay.
Alexa: Um.. Ahria?
Me: What?
Alexa: Looks like there's someone coming our way..
I looked up to where Alexa was pointing. It was Zayn and his friends were sitting down on a bench outside of the store. Why was he coming towards me?

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