Stole My Heart

It was just a normal day of work at Starbucks, until five gorgeous guys came into my life. I really like this guy named...what's his name? I don't know, but the problem is...why isn't he calling?


1. Do I Know You?

~Stole My Heart~
A Zayn Malik Love Story

~Your POV~
I heard my phone go off, but thought it was just in my dream. I continued to lay in bed until I realized my phone was actually ringing. I shot out of bed and ran for my phone on the table.
Me: *answers it* Hello?
It was my very upset boss. Ugh. He explained to me that I needed to come in early for work. Why? I was hoping I could actually get some more sleep today. I obeyed and put down my phone to take a quick shower.
For some reason, I felt like doing my hair semi-pretty today. So, after it dried, I put it in a side pony and curled it. Wow, it actually cooperated today. Not usual. I left the house in my Starbucks uniform with my keys in hand. I loved working at Starbucks. I love coffee and what's better than working around it? The smell of it is incredible! To make it all better, I get an employee's discount.
As I left my house, my phone started to buzz. It was my friend, Alexa, asking if I was up. I texted her back really fast that I was, but  I was heading to work, so I wouldn't be able to text her back.
It was a normal day in Omaha, Nebraska. Sunny, but breezy. It feels like it's going to be really hot today, though. I shrugged it off thinking that maybe me and my friends could go to the pool today.
As my head was clouded with thoughts, I got to work. The line was so long, it was outside of the store. What the heck? It's not usually like this. What's going on? I walked in there, trying to avoid being squished and trying to keep my hair looking good. This wasn't like me, I usually don't care that much what my hair looks like.
My thoughts were interrupted by my boss yelling in my face.
Boss: What took you so long? Don't you see there's a HUGE line?!
Me: Yes, I see that, but I'm here now.
Boss: 10 minutes late..
Me: I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again.
Boss: You're darn right it won't.
I got behind the counter and started taking orders. For it being so busy, it was really easy today. Nobody was ordering too much. About halfway through the line, I looked up to see about how many people were there.
Wow. When, I looked up there were 5 gorgeous guys in line. One of which, caught my eye. He was tall and had tan skin. Beautiful brown, sparkling eyes which had long eyelashes. Yea, I could see them from here. His smile.. Oh my gosh. It was bright and just plain gorgeous. He had black hair which was kind of shaved on the sides, and the top was in...what are those called? Quiffs? Yea, I think that's it. It was sort of in a quiff. But it looked really good on him. He had earrings, but they didn't look bad. He seemed to notice I was staring at him because he looked up and returned my gaze. He smiled at me and then turned to say something to his friends. They laughed and looked at me. Embarrassing..
I must have been staring off in the distance for a long time because I got cut off by a costumer.
Costumer: Hello? Are you going to take my order?
Me: Oh, yea. Hi, welcome to Starbucks. What would you like?
That phrase that I repeated like everyday.. Annoying. Right now all I wanted to do was just look at that boy. I didn't hear what the costumer just ordered.
Me: I'm sorry what did you say?
Costumer: Forget it! *walks away*
Crap. Just lost one. Hopefully my boss didn't notice.
I took more people's orders and then, took their money. Finally, the line got to that gorgeous guy and his gorgeous friends. I had to learn their names..especially his.
I put on my best smile and started taking their order.
Me: Hi, welcome to Starbucks. How can I help you?
He started talking. Gah. He was British. That made him like ten times hotter. His friends were too, except for one. He seemed Irish. Yea, that's how I classified him.
They all ordered the same thing. A Cafe Mocha. They said they've never been here before and asked what I usually got, and that's what I get.
The first one of that guy's friends is kind of tall with brown, curly hair. It looked really soft and I was tempted to touch it, just being honest. He was British. He also had cute dimples and a really nice smile. He seemed kind of flirty.. I wonder what his name was.
The second one to order was tall and muscular. He also had brown hair which looked like he flips it to get it into place. He had brown eyes and he also had a nice smile. But when he talked to me.. Dang! Deep voice! He was also British.
The third one was that blonde that I thought was Irish. Yep, I was right. His blue eyes And he had clear braces. I could tell when he smiled. He was really short. Just like me.
The fourth one looked a little taller than that Irish boy. He had brown hair that also looked kind of flipped. His eyes were blue..and green. It was hard to describe it. When the lighting changed on his eyes, they like changed from blue to green. So.. blue-green eyes. He was a kind of in-your-face guy. But not in a bad way. He was pretty cute like all of them with his big smile and all. He was also British.
Then.. it was him. I already looked at all of his features when he was standing in line. But up close, they were better. His face looked kind of scruffy, too. His British voice was captivating. I don't think I even heard what he said, but I knew he ordered the Cafe Mocha because that's what I recommended for them.
I rung it all up and they paid. As, they waited for the coffee, which gets made fast, I was trying to brainstorm a way to get his number. As I was looking around, I rememered the costumer satisfaction surveys. Perfect. They required a name and if they wanted to fill it out, or take it home and then call it in. Hopefully, he chose the second choice.
I opened my mouth to talk. Hopefully, I wasn't gonna be a stuttering mess.
Me: Oh, uh, would you like to take the costumer satisfaction survey while you're waiting?
My boss told me to do this as much as I could, but I hate talking to strangers, so I don't. But I was going to do it to hear their angelic voices again.
The tan one, that I liked, started talking with a smirk on his face.
Him: Yea, of course.
I pulled out one of the papers and grabbed a pen. I looked at him and asked him what his name was.
Him: Zayn Malik.
I love that name..
Me: And how do you spell those?
I looked down at the sheet, ready to write it. There are different ways to spell the names.
Zayn: Z-a-y-n M-a-l-i-k. Zayn Malik.
Where have I heard that name before? I shrugged it off and looked back up at him. This was the time to ask him if he wanted to do it now, or go home. There coffee's were ready and sitting right next to me. I hope that's the cue that it's time to leave and he can do it at home.
Me: Um, would you like to continue doing this here, or go home and call it in?
~Zayn's POV~
This girl was cute. She was short, from what I could see. Highlighted, blonde hair that was in a side ponytail. Sparkling, green eyes that had a dark blue circle around them. She had a bright smile. Her American accent was hot. All of us boys think American accents are hot. What can we say?
I could tell she was wanting me to do the at home option when she asked me the question. This would be an excuse to get my number. She would probably tell me her number instead of Starbucks. I decided that I wanted her number, too. So I would choose that option. If I could only learn her name..
Me: I'll do the at home option.
Her face lit up with a smile immediately.
~Your POV~
Yes! He chose that one!
Me: Okay!
I got out a sheet of paper and wrote my number down. He didn't have to know this wasn't Starbucks' number.
Me: This is Starbucks' number. Just call it whenever you're ready to fill it out.
I gave him a survey for him to look at and then the paper with the number on it. I flashed him a nice smile before he turned around. That buff guy with the low voice, took the cup carrier with all of the coffees in it.
They left the store and that blonde, Irish one was the last figure to leave. I relaxed a litte knowing they shouldn't be coming back in. Zayn. That beautiful name kept playing in my head. His voice echoed, too. Was I falling for this guy I don't even know? No, that's not like me.
Work was boring today, other than that. I left, happy my boss didn't notice that angry guy that left. I hurried home and told my friends they could come over. I still reeked of coffee, but I really didn't feel like taking another shower. What if Zayn called?
I sat down on the corner couch with my friends and explained to them all that happened today. They freaked out at me. Oh, by the way, their names were Tara and Alexa. Tara was tall with brown hair that she usually made wavy. He had light green eyes and a square face. Sometimes she wears her rectangle glasses, which she was today. Sometimes she doesn't. She had braces when we were younger, so her teeth are really straight now.
Alexa, was even taller. She had light brown hair, with bright blue eyes. She had freckles all over her face, but they looked good on her. Her eyelashes were really long and some people ask her to give share them. Hahah. She also had braces when we were younger, so her teeth were straight, too.
But anyway, they freaked out at me.

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