Stole My Heart

It was just a normal day of work at Starbucks, until five gorgeous guys came into my life. I really like this guy named...what's his name? I don't know, but the problem is...why isn't he calling?


5. Come With Me..Please.

I pulled away and looked at Perrie horrified. What just happened?
Zayn looked at Perrie with the same look on his face.
Zayn: Perrie. I-I can explain.
Perrie: Save it..
She slammed the door.
Zayn looked back down at me confused.
Me: Go after her.
Zayn: What?
Me: Go after her!
Zayn: You really want me to?
Me: Yes! Go!
No, I wanted him to hold me and not leave for her, but I mean, he's not mine so...
He just looked down at me.
I hit him on the shoulder so he'd move and go after her. He did as I told him.
He closed the door behind him and I could hear him running through the apartment hallway. I sighed and sat down on the couch and waited. After about 5 minutes, I got impatient. I looked out the window and saw them fighting in the parking lot. Ugh. This was all my fault. I could have told him to stop. Zayn kept trying to get closer to her, but she kept moving away. She was crying. I could tell by her running makeup. I saw her stomp off to her car and drive away. Zayn just stood there and watched her leave. He ran his fingers through his hair and I saw him start to come back in the building. I ran back to the couch so he wouldn't notice I was watching them.
The door opened and there stood Zayn.
Me: Everything okay?
He shook his head and sat down. It looked like he was on the verge of tears. Oh my gosh. Don't cry. He looked at me with his eyes filled with tears.
Zayn: She, uh, broke up with me.
I hugged him and he laid his head on my chest.
Me: I'm so sorry.. If you want to cry, cry. Let it all out.
He shed one tear and wiped it away immediately.
Me: Zayn, you don't have to be embarrassed.
I played with his hair as he let it all out. He talked about her and cried a little.
~Zayn's POV~
I usually don't cry. And this is so stupid for me to be crying. I wasn't that upset over the break up. What broke me down was seeing that Ahria was upset that she did that. The look was all over her face.
Usually, it's the guy holding the girl, but she was holding me this time. It was kind of weird, but I liked it. I don't know.. It's hard to explain. After I calmed down, I realized something. I wanted to be with Ahria. I really did. But the question is: Does she feel the same?
~Ahria's POV~
Zayn finally calmed down and we decided to go out for ice cream. We got the biggest size of rainbow sherbet ice cream we could. We were just gonna share it.
We sat down at the booth and started talking.
Me: So.. you leave for Denver tomorrow.
He looked at the ice cream and started poking at it with his spoon.
Zayn: Yea.. I guess I do.
I was holding back from jumping to his side of the booth and hugging him. I was gonna miss him so much. I didn't think it was possible to become this close to someone over 3 days. He looked back up at me.
Zayn: Come with.
Me: What?
Zayn: Come with me and the rest of the guys on tour... Please.
He was looking at me with pleading eyes and I just sat there shocked. I would love to, but what about my job, my family, and my friends?
Me: Zayn.. I'd love to, but what about my life here?
Zayn: I'm not just leaving you here. I can't.
Me: Why?
Zayn: I'll miss you too much.
He grabbed my forearm and looked me straight in the eyes.
Zayn: Please, Ahria..
I couldn't resist the urge. I stood up, walked to his side of the booth, sat down beside him, and hugged him. He hugged me back and whispered, "Please." multiple times in my ear. I rested my head on his shoulder and thought.
Me: I'll go.
Zayn pulled away and looked at me.
Zayn: What?
I smiled.
Me: I said I'll go!
He hugged me and kissed me. We weren't even dating. This kissing was getting weird. I wasn't complaining or anything, but I don't really kiss unless we're dating.
Zayn: Thank you.
He smiled so sweetly at me.
I nodded and smiled and we continued eating ice cream, talking about everything we could do while on tour.

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