A Broken Hearted Girl.

Jessica Taylor, 18, met One Direction a few years ago and they all took a liking to each other. Not a relationship liking, more of a friendship. Right before summer started, Jessica's best friend killed herself. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, decide to take Jessica with them to a vacation house to help get her get her friend's death off her mind. Will one of the boys fall for Jessica? Will Jessica like them back?


1. Introduction

Jessica's P.O.V.

     18, finally! Yes, today is my birthday, and i'm on my way to my best friends house to celebrate. It might be kind of depressing though, because her and her boyfriend, Grant, just broke up. He told her things like she wasn't good enough for him, and he just used her to make his ex mad. I wasn't suprised. I've never told Haley about this, but in 8th grade Grant and I made out, and then he told me he never wanted to be seen with me in public. It really pissed me off. I finally got to Haley's house. She was home alone, her parents had to go on a business trip for their family business. All the lights were out, and the door was unlocked. I figured it was a suprise party or something, but when i turned the lights on there was no one. I went to Haley's room. The door was locked. I got a pen and picked the lock. When i walked in I saw Haley, on the floor. Pills surrounding her. She wasn't breathing. I  just sat there and cried. I finally called the ambulance. When they announced her dead, i thought i was too.

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