A Broken Hearted Girl.

Jessica Taylor, 18, met One Direction a few years ago and they all took a liking to each other. Not a relationship liking, more of a friendship. Right before summer started, Jessica's best friend killed herself. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, decide to take Jessica with them to a vacation house to help get her get her friend's death off her mind. Will one of the boys fall for Jessica? Will Jessica like them back?


2. Arrival

Jessica's P.O.V.

     It was the end of May. It had been a month since Haley committed suicide. Also a month of me crying myself to sleep. My friends from the band One Direction called me. They asked me to come and spend the summer with them in London. They were renting a house i guess for the summer. I really didn't want to go, but my mom is making me. It's not that i don't like them. I'm just too depressed to do anything. My mom thinks summer in London will get things off my mind. I'm not to sure about that. But my plane leaves in about twenty minutes, so i've been sitting here like a loner on my phone. They told us we had to turn our phones off, so i checked it one more time then held the lock button down until it turned off. Then the plane began to move and we were off.

     I arrived in London about 4:00 pm. I'm guessing the boys had an interview or something, because they sent a car to pick me up. I got to the house at 4:34. The house was huge! It had to spiral stair cases, a pool and a hot tub about the size of the pool. Another thing is, it's a beach house. There was a note on the counter that said they'd be back around 6, and that i could order a pizza if i get hungry. I wasn't hungry. The note said to put my stuff in room with pink walls. It took me about 10 minutes to realize my room was on the top floor. I put my stuff down laid down on the bed, and went to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

     I was so happy! I was going to see Jessica. I was going to go pick her up at the airport, but then I was told that we had an interview. I left her a note saying to order pizza if she was hungry, and we'd be home by 6. The interview was so boring and usual. The interviewer asked all the same questions. She asked Liam how Danielle was, Louis how Eleanor was, and Zayn how Perrie was. They replied good and blah blah blah. It finally ended, and we were on our way home. Once we got home, I went in and didn't see Jessica. I walked upstairs and saw her sleeping on her bed. Louis came in the room too and jumped up and down on her bed, waking her up. She got off the bed and layed on the floor to sleep. Then Louis and me picked her up, carried her down stairs, opened the back door, and threw her in the pool. She got so mad. It was so cute. I've always secretly had feelings for Jessica. I would never tell her that though. She's different, she doesn't care about our fame. She treats us like normal people. We met Jessica through our parents. Her mom and my mom were good friends, and then Jessica's mom moved to America to start a family business.

     Around 1:00 am, Jessica came down stairs. It was just me up, all the other boys went to sleep. She looked like she'd been crying. "Are you alright?" I asked her. "No" she replied. I went over to her and gave her a big hug. I forgot how she hates when people touch her. She tried pulling away, I didn't let her. Thats when she started giving in. She told me everything about her friend, how she'd been raped and thats why she flenches when people touch her, and how people made fun of her in school. I didn't say anything, I just listened and hugged her. That's when i noticed scars on her arm. "What happened there?" I questioned.

     Jessica P.O.V.

   "What happened there?"

I had to think of an excuse fast. I told him when i was outside i accidentally scraped my arm on a thorn bush. He believed it. Thank god. I don't want anyone to know I cut. I looked him in the eye. His eyes were a beautiful green.

"Want to watch a movie?" he asked me.

I shook my head yes.

"What do you want to watch?"

"MEAN GIRLS!" I replied. That was my favorite movie. Like ever.

"That's so fetch." Harrys said, mimicking Gretchen. I giggled. When the movie ended, we both went to bed. That night i had realized something. I developed more then friend feelings for Harry. Which was bad because I know i don't have a chance.





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