Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


5. You ve gone to far

Your POV-

“listen niall I’m very sorry and this is very awkward , can we just forget it ? “you ask . “(Y/N) what do you want to tell me ?? please tell me ” he begs . you tried to hide you true feelings and stand there emotionless because your dying inside . “i uhm want to tell you that im in love with you , but youre clearly not feel the same . “you begin , and suddenly youre angry ” i dont know what i have tought sorry . ” he looks very confused and say nothing ” thats ok i understand that , just be so nice and dont talk to me again because that whole thing is very awkward bye , have fun , your blond slut is waiting for you to come back. ” you run away straight in your room and lock the door . you cant hold back tears anymore when you hear a soft knock on the door “go away i dont speak with you anymore fuck your bitch “ after 30 minutes you hear a note slipped under your door wich says : Hey Honey it’s only Harry and Zayn can we come in ? :* . you stand up and un lock the door . “come in ” you wisper .

-Harrys POV-

she open the door . i could say that she has cried “you can come in” she wisper and sit on her bed , her head in her hands . i pull one arm around her and zayn sits on the floor in front of her . “whats wrong ? ” zayn asks softly . ” i come home from shopping and want to tell niall my feelings for him and while i walk in h-h-h-he doing it with some slut , so i run out , but he runs after me , and asks me what i want to tell him and i-i-i just tell him the truth ”you ended . “holy shit , is he totally crazy ? i cant believe this . ” i shout . (Y/N) begins to cry harder and hysterical . we both try to calm her down but it didnt work . “i-i-i-i need L-L-Liam where is liam ? “she asks between her tears . ” hes out with louis to go to nandos and bring some food for us ” zayn says softly . she dont answer but cry even harder . it brokes my heart to see her like that because shes like a little sister for me . After 2 houers of crying she is finally calm . she sits in zayns lap and i stroke her head ” baby i cant see you like this anymore . you know what you do now ? you go and change and than Zayn and i go to sturbucks with you and you can order EVERYTHING you want ok ? ” i tried to lift up her mood “in my opinion that sounds Very good honey “zayn says “ok give me 3 minutes i go chanching .” she sniffle one more time and runs in the bathroom after (exactly) 3 minutes she comes back wearing ” you look beautiful love “says Zayn and hug her “thank you “she replie with a smile . ” i have to use the bathroom ” i say quick because i want to call liam . zayn knows this and says ” uhm ok were downstairs to the car ” . as they were gone i deal li’s number . he answer after a few rings “hello ?” “hey its harry . um we have a problem here , niall doing it with some slut and (Y/N) catches them . niall runs after her and she tells him shes in love with him . after that she cries for 2.5 hours . now were go ad get some starbucks for her ” i explain “he did WHAT , im going to kill him when i come home . my poor baby . is she ok now ? ” “yeah i think so ” uhm were here in 1 hour ok ? ” “ok bye ” “bye . take care of her ” “i will” . i hung up and walk downstairs where she and zayn waiting . “okayyy lets go ” i smile .

-Your POV-

5 minutes later we arrived at starbucks and there were paparazzi EVERYWEHRE . “fuck ” you hear harry mumble . “ok (Y/N ) i carry you so you dont get hurt ” you hop on his back and hide your head in his neck not wanting any pictures .”you are a whore (Y/N) . are you not ashamed for you stealing someone’s boyfriend ” a man yells . you look up ” what ? i dont steal anybodys boyfriend . cody and i are just friends , bastard dont speak like that with me again !” you yell back . “what do you do then huh punching me haha ? ” and exactly thats what you but suddenly he pulls you away from harry and the next thing you know is that a he punches you straight in the face and kick you in the stomach “are you kidding me whore , are you serious ? do you want to fight with me?” you stand up and want to punch him again but harry stops you ” (Y/N) stop !!!! get in the car . paul care about him now ” scream harry . i run to the van and collapsed on the seat . ” OMG its all our fault were sorry so so sorry . are you ok honey ? we get you some ice because theres a bad bruise on your eye ” zayn and harry both say . “urgh my had hurts . ” zayn lift you up on his lap ” we change the plan we go in and get some ice and EVERYTHING you want ” you nodd as the car begins to move . at the next starbucks they get you some ice and a caramel frappuccino (my favorite one ;) ) . “thats for you honey . ” we drive home now quick , than you can get some rest and we can doctor you ” harry winks .

-Liams POV-

“HORAN !!! “i yell and run into his room “are you kidding me , are you fucking kidding me ? ” i normaly dont get mad but at this situation i got super mad . i look at the slut who dressed up , “and you arent you ashamed go out of OUR apartment slut ” i yell . naill and her stand there in shock ” she goes when i say , shes my guest and i want her to stay “he hiss . i cant belive this right now “and (Y/N) ? i think youre in love with her ? oh now i get it youre jealous because she danc with cody and go shopping with him ! but you know what she just did that to impress you asshole . she is madly in love with you ! and now shes heartbroken and thats all your fault ” I yell . ” i swear i didnt know that and yes i was jealous ! but i dont blame myself . come with me kate we watch Tv ” he look very angry and storme out the room with kate . i follow them downstairs where louis zayn , harry and (Y/N)sits on the coutch . somthing was wrong about (Y/N) , she sit on louis lap and bury her had in his chest ” is he right lou , am i ugly and a whore ? ” she cries . “no of corse not honey . youre so beautiful and lovely “he says softly . As she looks up i gasp . there was a gigant black bruise on her eye . “who does that ? who punched you baby ? say soething , tell me ! ” i say with shock . ” a paparazzi it was my fault i punched him first , because he called my dirty things . im sorry i understand if you are disappointed in me sorry ” she wisper . ” dont be sorry its not your fault honey . i love you ” i say and kiss her on the forehead . “and now doctor Tommlinson and Styles take care of you ” Harry says cheeky and stands up . she begins to smile . and im glad that she dont noticed Niall and kate n the doorway . kate wears wich looks very slutty by the way -Your POV- you turn around as niall clears his throat “hey guys . uhm this is kate please treat her with respect shes a very nice person !” he says . they all loo at him in shock . i stand up “you named her a nice person ? in my opinion shes a slut !” you spit out and you know everybody thinks the same . “excuse me ? how do you talking to my girlfriend (Y/N) ? Youre the only ugly slut in the room and youre not even nice and kate is so shut the fuck up and get your fat arsh out of here !!” he yells . “now you’ve gone too far ! ” you said between tears . “im out of here ! i hate you niall horan i hate you !! ” with that you run out of the apartment . dont want to come back .

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