Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


21. You Saw his Face?

Your POV-

after the kiss you dont answer his text messages or calls , because its awkward . you groan and turn around so he cant see your face . “whats wrong princess ?” niall ask . “Zander is here .niall im honest with you , after the shopping he kissed me but i pulled away and now he thinks we are together , and i dont answer his calls or messages ” ” u want to go ?” he asks simply . “uhm no i think its ok ” “wait i have an idea . ” he say and puts one arm around your waist . and walk over to zander “hey zander are you alright , super show tonight huh ?” he ask “uhm yes (Y/N) you was amazing “he says and hugs you niall has still an arm around you . “im so proud of my princess , isnt she gorgeous , i love you babe ” “Awwwww i love you too “you reply and kiss him . “you are together again huh ? “zander says and walks away . “omg have you seen his face ?”you laugh “haha that was funny .”niall agrees and the two of you walk back to the other boys . when your phone begins to ring it says justin :) . “hello ?”you answer “hi sorry that i call so late but my manager called me and tell me that the video is tomorrow is that ok ? i know its very short-term “ ”no no tomorrow is great i’ll be there “ “ok the set is at the Arts studios , we start at 10 o’clock , you can bring niall with you by the way ” ” ok thank you i think he would love to come with me . see ya tomorrow bye” “bye love , sleep well ” he hung up . “the music video is tomorrow at 1o o’clock he said i can bring niall with me if i want “you say and smie “yeaaaahhhh omg i would love to meet justin im such a big fan “he shouts and hug you “haha no problem babe “. zayn and harry look sad at you . “hey whats up with the sad faces ?”you ask . “we want to meet justin too “zayn says with puppy eyes . “haha awww . wait a minute i ask him ” you say and laugh .

you: hey jus , uhm sorry for asking but can i bring zayn and harry too ? xxx (Y/N)

after a few minutes your phone buzzed

Jus : sure , honey . i like one D by the way they are great singers xxx J

“you can come with me but you have to behave !!!” you say . they begin to cheer and hug you . “lets go then its almost 24 o’clock .”liam says . you take a taxi and drive to your apartment . the next morning Nialler Hazza boo and you drive to the set .you go to the dressing rooms ” you you and you , sit here and wait for me and behave !”you say and laugh . you walk in and change into your outfit and a women does your makup and hair . ( “boys ! how do i loooookkk ??” you say and walk out . their yaw dropped . “wow beautiful “niall says “and hot “zayn add and niall elbowed him . then you search justin . ” hey jus im ready , the boys are over there ” you say and smile . “heyyyyyy (Y/N) wow you look gorgeous “he say and hug you . “uhm this is the regisseur tom , tom this is (Y/N) ” jus introduces you “hey (Y/N) nice to meet you “he says and you shake your hand “nice to meet you too” you say and smile . “ok lets start . (Y/N) you are the girl jus has a crush on . he hit on you but you walk away ok ? later you have to dance a little bit because justin plays the guitar and sing his song for you . at the end you kiss him . understood ? ” you two nodd . it went all good and you get along with justin well . but now when its turn to kiss him you are very nervous . you have to put your legs around justins waist and your arms around his neck . his hands are on your ass . then he crashed his lips against yours and add his tongue . it doesn’t feel right and you know niall hate it so you pull away .Jus looks irritated at you

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