Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


17. Yes you Idiot

Your POV-

“i-i-im so sorry , nothing is true “you apologize . ” i belive you honey i will fix it for you i promise ” she said “thank you so much , i think im going home i dont feeling well “you said , “bye honey i will call you ” “yeah thanks again bye ” you reply and walk out searching for a taxi . “hey miss where do you want to drive ” “i dont know the name but do you know the recording studio 56th west ? “you ask “sure . wait i know you ! youre the cousin of liam payne , you are (Y/N) payne right ?” “yeah thats me “you say shy . you chat a little bit more and then youre at the studio “Thank you . heres your money bye ” you say and he waves and drives away . you walk in and go to the reception “hello miss what can i do for you ?” “well i want to one direction “you say kind , ” uhm im not allowed to bring fans to them they are busy . “im not a fan , im (Y/N) payne the cousin of liam payne and girlfriend of niall horan , so where are they “you say . “oh im sorry . they record in studio A ” “thank you “you say and walk to the studio . you walk in and and sat down at the couch . you lay your head on your knees and let tears stream down your face . they dont noticed you until they take a break . “(Y/N) ??? why are you crying “liam asks and hug you tight .zayn lifts you up and carrys you away “sry guys i have to speak her alone for a second .”he says and carrys you into an other room “what is going on . what has he done ?” “he has told lies to the boss and the boss says im not suitable for the job ” “what ? are you kidding me you dont get the job because of this asshole ?” zayn yells . “where is this bastard ? nobody tells lies about my boo and makes her cry . ” “i-i-i dont know ” “when he comes home hes dead . and i dont fucking care if his dad is our tourmanager” . he says and punch the wall . we walk back in the room and erveryone is sraring at you . then niall stands up and put his arms around you and lays you down in his lap “dont cry princess , please dont . i dont care if you get the job or not ”he says and kiss you on top of your head ”i know niall thank you “.they have to go back to work so you say bye and leave to your hotel .as you arrive at the flat you see damian laying on the couch watching tv . “CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT THIS SHIT WAS AT THE GALA ???!!” you yell”haha yes . i reach my aim , you dont get the job “he says calm “WHY???WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS !!”“it makes fun , my next aim is to ruin your relationship to niall “he says comes over to you and kisses you on the lips , just in that moment the boys burst into the living room joking and laughing but when they see you to the stop . niall dont look at you just run away and slam the door behind him . you run after him and open the door . “Niall i know this looks bad but , its not what it seems to be , please belive me . “you beg “haha , beliving you ??? how long are you together huh ? how long are you cheating on me (Y/N) ?” he says bitterly . ” i dont cheat on you i never would do such a thing . Damian is my ex , he stalked me and called me rude names and he ruined my chance to be an VS angel , before you came in he says that it makes fun to do this and that he ruin our relationship ! are you happy now NIALL ???? thank you , thank you for beliving me , im out of here i sleep in harrys room ” you say dont expecting an answer . you knock at harrys door and walk in . he sit on his bed doing a twitcam or skype , you dont know “hey hazza i sleep at your room tonight ok ?” you mutter . “yeah alright kitten , come over here im donig a twitcam ” he say happy “oh ok “you answer sit beside him and wave in the camera . when suddenly the door burst open . Niall stands in the doorway , his eyes red from crying “please princess come back im so so so so sorry for not trusting you .please come back and cuddle with me ” he says and looks sad at you . “fuck you niall horan and you lost puppy look “you say because you cant see him upset “is this a yes ?” he ask hopeful “yes you idiot “you says and kiss him . “well babe now that you frogive me i have surpise for you “

so this was part 17 please text me if you want a part 18 !! and please tell your friends about me and they can tell it their friends and their friends can tell it their friends ….. . because i want my fanfic becoming more popular , this is the best gift you can make me <3 :)

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