Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


51. Without You


“hey babe “dave say and hug you tight “why ? what has she that i dont have “you ask and snob . “she dont have a personality like you , shes not kind , shes not funny as you ,she dont is as beautiful and hot like you . i can tell you over hundred reasons why she is not better than you “justin say . they can finally calm you down , you watch a movie and eat sweets while talking about anything .after that you feel a lot better and you finally stop crying too . “you want to go to starbucks ?”justin ask “yeah please but can i have something other to wear ?”you ask “sure”justin say and give you some clothes , sneakers and a cap .you quickly change and it looks like :  you put your hair under the cap so no one notice your long hair and reconize you .you walk out . “okay lets go “you mumble “i never thougt i say that (Y/N) but you look like a boy “dave say . you walk down the street and you try to walk like a boy . as you enter starbucks you dont look to your left or right . but suddenly you hear someone snob behind you . you want to turn around but then you hear Nialls voice he crys “t-t-t-this was her favorit shop “he crys “i know man we find her , she comes back to you thats for sure “louis says .justin order for you and you sit down at a table . you look around and can see the rest of the boys sitting at a table near you . they all cry and look very sad , liam shakes his head and start to cry .it breaks your heart to see them like that but you have to stay strong . suddenly you feel that your pocket buzz as you look over you see zayn having his phone in at his ear and you decide to answer the call “hello ?”“boo ! where are you ?”“not at home”“then come home please ““no”“niall is broken , he cant live without you ““i dont care about him , do you want from me to say :ooohhhhh poor poor niall i come back to you . Zayn he has cheated on me for 3 fucking weeks , what do you expect from me ???”“i dont know but dont blame us for his fault . he really loves you and miss you , he regent it for 100000% please take him back , he is nothing without you ““do i speak another language or what ??? i said clearly i dont care . he dont even call me “you say and hung up . “what did he want ??”jus ask “he said that niall is nothing without me and so on”you say and look down at your coffe .”i go over to them ok ? dave take her home i come soon too “jus say . me and Dave stand up and walk out of the starbucks .

-Justins POV-

“hey boys whats going on with the sad faces ???”i ask “(Y/N) is gone because niall cheated on her “liam mumble “shit niall why have you done this you knew this would ruin her “i hiss at niall “i dont know . i only know that i dont want to live without her it dont make sence without her , she is my one and only , but she dont forgive me “he say and cry harder , i see how much sorry he is and how much he loves and needs her “maybe she forgives you , never say never “i say “but she dont forgive me , you havent seen the expression on her face , i cant eat when shes not by my side “he says and hide his face in his hands . i cant see them like that so i go home to (Y/N) and Dave .suddenly i have a idea i call niall and he answers after a few rings “hello?”“hey man , do you want to skype with her ? ““yes yes is she at your house ??”“no but i know the hotel where she stays at logg into skye i call you “i say and hung up . i see that hes online and klick at video call . “hello where is she ???”he ask “wait i go and get her”i answer

-Your POV-

“(Y/N) can you come and help me ????”justin yells “sure”you yell back and walk into his bedroom . he sits in front of the laptop “whats the problem ?”you ask “come into my lap baby girl “he say and you climb in his lap hiding your face in his chest . suddenly you froze in shock as you hear his voice “princess ???im sorry im so so sorry “he says but you dont move or say something until justin take your head in his hands “(Y/N) say something please “he say “i have nothing to say to him , i dont know someone with the name Niall Horan ” you say “please (Y/N) what can i do that you take me back , i cant live without you , me and the boys miss you so much “

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