Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


49. Why in the World Are you Here?

Your POV-

“wow this girl is unbelievable “Shane say “yup , thats ill “you agree . “im bored lets go swimming “dave suggest “i would love to go but i dont have a bikini “you say “well lets go buying one and then we can go to the beach “he says and smiles cheeky. you agree and drive to the nearest mall “okay me and Timo are a team and you and shane are a team . and lets make a little bet who the best bikini gets , wins “dave say and smile “okay and who is the jury ???” Shane ask ” i dont know 3 boys from the street “he answer “ok then lets go babe and find 3 guys “you reply . he smiles and walks over to a group of guys .after 5 minutes he comes back “they said no …..” he say sad “urgh . i bet when i ask them they help us “you say sassy “i bet not “he reply sassy too “ok watch “you reply and walk in your best model walk over to the boys . “uhm hey guys , can you do me a favor ?”you ask and smile sweet “what do you want babe “one of them ask “well i need a new bikini and me and my friends over there made a little bet and we need a judes please ?”you ask “okay “they said and shrug their shoulders . and come over with you . you walk into the bikini store and every team has to pick out 6 bikinis ( you walk over to the dressing rooms and change into the first one .you walk out and pose for them .they love each bikini (what a surprise ) but at the end they pick out Number 1 from the girls . you go to the cass but the cashier reconize you “you dont have to pay honey “he say “thank you “you reply and walk out the boys look confused at you “why musnt you pay the bikini ” one of them ask “look around boys im a VS angel and i dont have to pay for things in this store “you say “wait you are (Y/N) right ? (Y/N) payne”he say and stare at you “yup thanks for your help boys “you say and wink and walk away giggling .you drive to the beach and lay down at your towels .you speak about random things when someone tip you on the shoulder . its sascha the photographer from your first shoot “hey (Y/N) uhm i want to participate to a photo competition , do you mind if we take a few pictures ?i give you 100 $ for this “he say ”uhm sure but you dont have to give me money ” you say he smiles and pull out his camera “uhm you with the blue striped swimm shorts can you please pose with her ?” he say and point at Dave “come on just stand next to me i do the whole job , i promise “you convince him he comes over and stands next to you . you do your hottest and sexiest poses for sascha and after 10 minutes you have the perfect picture :  you dont mind kissing him its part of your job . “oke i got it thanks (Y/N) and Dave “he says and hug you for goodbye than leave . “wow (Y/N) that was proffesional , you are the perfect model ” Timo says “yeah and you are so damn hot “shane adds “thank you guys “you say shy . you lay back down and chat over your job and so on . after a while you look at your clock “shit its almost 17.00 o’clock . sry i have to leave the boys wait for their food”you say and put on : . and then say goodbye to everyone and leave . unfortunately theres a big line in the Nandos and you have to wait 20 minutes until you become your food . the recording studio is around the corner so you dont have to walk long . 3 fans wait in front of the studio and you decide to say hello to them “hey loves are you waiting for the boys ?”you ask and smile “no we wait for you “one of them says “can we have a foto and an autogram please “she ask “yeah sure why not you say and pose for them “bye sweeties i have to go ,niall waits for his food and the others too , i bet they are starving in there “you say and walk in . you greet the lady at the reception and walk straight to studio 4 where the boys record .they sit all at a couch and chat . “hey boys here is your food “you say and smile wide . “ahhhhhh thank you babe im starving “Niall says and pull you down into his lap . “how long have we to stay here ?”you ask “uhm we are almost done “liam answers while niall feed you with small bites .when suddenly you feel nialls pocket buzz he pull it out and look on the display “urgh its Mila “he groan “turn on loud i want to know what she want “you say . he press the ‘loud’butten and answers “hello ?”“hi its me Mila ““hey whats up ““i saw your financée flirting with 3 hot guys at VS”she says and niall hung up . “(Y/N) why was you at VS ??” he ask and wink cheeky “i buy a new bikini and me and the others made a bet “you just said . suddenly the door burst open and mila run in .

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