Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


38. This is for you Baby

Your POV-

“i dont care he never get me “you answer “hm i dont know (Y/N) he wants you so bad and he becomes always what he want ALWAYS”dave answers and the others agree “well but not me , i love my boyfriend and nothing would change that .and now let us have some fun , paulie can we go on stage pllllleeeaaaassseeee just to watch the boys “you ask and smile innocent “ok why not but i come with you “he says suspicious . you walk to the stage laughing and talking , and the boys start to perform up all night “that was always my favorite song “shane say excited and you laugh . you sit down and tweeting pictures of you goofing around and speak about random things . after 2 hours the fans come in and you walk down to them “come on guys they are very nice trust me “you say and smile as you walk down the stairs “hey loves are you excited because of tonight ?”you ask a bunch of girls “yeah we are super excited , (Y/N) we saw that picture on twitter with you and another boy kissing is that true that you are not together with niall anymore ?”she ask “uhm no we are still together and i would never cheat on niall . me and my friens played truth or dare and i have to kiss leon but i dont feel anything for him “you explain and smile kind when your phone buzzed (1) new Tweet you open your twitter and gasp . “what the fuck dave look what he tweeted is he completely stupid “you say and show dave , Shane and timo the tweet which said : Im so glad you end your relationship with niall love ya xxxx . ” sorry girls but dont trust what he say , hes in love with me and want to ruin our relationship , i love niall to death “you say and look down at your feet . “wait a minute i go on stage to niall for a second please wait here “you say to your friends and run upstairs to niall “hey babe he dont stop , look at his tweet ” you say and show him the message “i dont know what to do please speak with him again “niall says and kiss you “okay i will . love ya ”you answer and kiss im one last time than run downstairs to the others “i have to speak with him this is not fair towards niall and the fans . “you sigh . “you are so nice (Y/N) you deserve niall for 100 % all the directioners love you and we all are your fans too “a girl with brown hair says , you give her a hug “awww thank you i dont know why i deserve so kind and beautiful fans thank you so much, but i have to leave now , have a good night see ya later “you say and wave . “what do you want to do now ?” Shane ask “well i call him and tell him that this have to stop , i like him but now he has gone too far “you answer and type leons number in your phone . he answer very fast “hi , what can i do for you ?”“you know that ! why do you tweet that me and niall end our relationship ? Leon i liked you , really , but you’ve gone too far . that can cost me my job or nialls , i bet you find another girl who loves you , but not me .please , let us be friends ““well i think i did everything wrong im sorry i doesnt know what come into me , please forgive me one last time and yes you are right lets be friends ““ok i forgive you but dont do this again . everything ok now ?”“yup everything okay sorry again , uhm bye i have to go now ““ok bye”you say and hung up . you explain the others what he said to you “yeah thats the leon we know “Timo says . you sit down at the couch and watch the begining of the show afer 4 songs you look mischievous over to the others “lets do this when i say run you have to run as fast as you can ok ? just follow me “you wisper into daves ear and he tells the others your plan . you wait until the song end and then yell “RUUUUNNNNN !!!!!” you jump up and run out straight to the stage . paul needs a moment to realize what is going on “(Y/N) Payne you are in big big trouble “he yell but you andt the others are too fast for him and you already reach the stage after a few seconds . you run out on the stage but as you see that paul is on stage too you yell “woah faster , hes almost there ” the fans start to shriek and cheer when they see you , you make grimace and run down the stairs dave now next to you “(Y/N) !!!! stop “you hear paul behind you . the boys start laughing “wooohhoooo go (Y/N) !!! you can make it !!” harry shouts into his mic . you run back backstage and fall down at the couch “That was fun ” shane says and smiles . “yeah haha totally ” dave agree and timo nods . “(Y/N) you are a very bad girl “paul says and sit down beside you “sorry paulie but it makes too much fun “you say and smile . suddenly you hear the boys stop singing “well i hope she can hear me . Princess please come on stage “niall says , you smile and walk out of the room and the others stay with the boys . the whole audience cheers as you walk out , niall takes your hand “This is for you baby “he says

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