Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


55. The End

Your POV-

Today is your big day you cant belive it its so unreal , the girls help you to get ready you put on and  a stylist do your makeup and hair like this  : the sky is clear and the sun is shining . you walk out of the hotel and to the place where the guests and Niall waits “babe donte forget your flowers “shane laugs and give them to you ( notes from isnt she loveley (your wedding song)plays you slowly walk the long floor along , you see niall with pink cheeks smiling as wide as possible when he see you . you finally reach him “you look so damn gorgeous princess “he wispers in your ear . the minister begins , whe the main part comes you say with a wide smile “i do ” niall looks deep into your eyes “i do “he swears . “you can kiss the bride now “he says . niall take your face in his hands and kiss you passionately , you forget everything around you , the flashing lights from the cameras the cheers and congrats . you all go now to the big hall where the party is and , dance and eat . its a wonderful celebration and you enjoy every minute of it , its the best day in your life you think and smile .”why are you smiling Mrs Horan ?”niall ask “i thought that this is the best day in my life . i love you so much “you say and he kisses you long and passionate .

5 years later…..

youre still together witch niall and live happy with him in a gorgeous penthouse in the middle of new york city .”wake up princess “niall wispers and kiss you , you open your eyes and look at his beautiful face , but suddenly you feel sick and run to the toilet as fast as you can . you quickly lock the door and throw up “princess what is going on ?? let me in please . are you okay ???”he ask very worried “yeah im fine go away “you say , but you know youre not okay , you look into your drawers where niall never look and pull out the pregnancy test . you missed your period now for 4 days and you have to throw up lately so you make the test and wait 3 minutes .you look nervous down at the stick it says a pink plus . you gasp and dont know if you should be happy or not . you quickly walk out niall sits at the bed waiting for you to come out . “everything oke baby girl ?????? what is this in your hand ?”he ask “i-i-im pregnant niall “you say toneless “WHAT ???? OMG babe this is amazing “he shout lift you up and spin you around you start to laugh . he lift your shirt up and kiss your tummy “i love you two , i love you so much “he say and kiss your tummy again .”should we tell the boys ???”you ask and look happy at him “yeah sure come on we tell them right now “he says and pull you out of the apartment and into his car . you knock at the door from your old apartment and Zayn answers . “hey you two whats up you ok ?”he ask we both look at each other and smile widely . all the other boys sit in the living room and watch Tv . “hey boys we have great news “you start and they all look at you “im going to be a dad “niall says proudly and places a hand on your stomach . they all jump up and hug you happy “omg this is great !”liam says and hug you again . and 9 months later your gorgeous daughter (Y/D/N) was borned .


 this is the end i hope you like the fanfic , im starting now to post a harry fanfic . im going to tunisia for 2 weeks ,but my friend post one chapter per day , please write me nevertheless if you like it xxxxxx lots of love Johanna <3 :)

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