Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


41. StarBucks

Your POV-

“you are so mean “you whine but give up .harry laughs one more time and then disappear in his room to shower . you and niall wake the other boys and make them breakfast . all the boys acting very weird around you and you begin to wonder what happend “boys ? what is going on you all act so weird around me this morning “you say , the make all innocent faces “what are you talking about were fine “louis says and smiles “yeah what ever something is in the bush i know you “you reply and walk upstairs into your room . and stay there until harry and niall leave , as they were finally gone you walk back downstairs and sit down next to zayn “zaynie please tell me what is going on i know that you know it “you say and smile “yeah i know it boo but i dont say anything its a secret .”he say and stroke your head “urgh you are as bad as the others boo “you whine and turn on the Tv , thankfully you favorite Tv show comes , Awkward . “who do you think is hotter Matty or Jake ?”you ask Zayn “hmmmmm i choose Matty and you ?” “why ? i mean yeah Matty is hot but Jake is hotter plus hes super sweet . i would love to meet them do you think they are nice ?”you ask “yup they are super cool “he answers and smile “are you friendly with them ?????” “yeaaahhhhhhh ?” “woah plleeeeeaaaassssseeeee let me meet them boo , you know that Brett Davern my celebrity crush is “you beg . “nope no chance ”he say and walk out of the room

-Zayns POV-

i walk out and into my room and shut the door , pull out my phone first i call Brett “Hello ?” “heeyyy bro this is Zayn ““hey bro whats up why are you calling ?”” uhm do you know (Y/N) payne the cousin from liam ?”“yeaaahhhh sure , shes gorgeous , i would date her but shes together with niall right ?”“yeah, no chance , i want to surprise her , because a few minutes ago we watch Awkward and she love the show and she secretly told me that you are her celebrity crush ““really ? ok lets meet .where ?” “uhm we can meet at starbucks and just talk i call Beau too so yeah maybe at 15.00 o ‘clock ?”“yeah ok fine i’ll be there .bye see a later ““oke byeeee “i reply and hung up after that i call beau ” Hey mate ““heyyy uhm i was wondering if you are free this afternoon ““yeah sure why ?” “do you know (Y/N) the cousin from liam ?” “yeah sure , shes very lovely and pretty “”yeah we watch Awkward a few minutes ago and she said that she wants to meet you two ““really , i would love to meet her too ““ok then at starbucks 15.00 o’clock ” “yup ok mate see ya later bye “”bye man “i say and hung up . i walk back into the living room and sit down next to (Y/N).

-Your POV-

“dont be mad at me boo , i promise i have surprise for you but you have to go and change “he say and you run upstairs and change into : “wow you look beautiful lets go “he say “where ?” “its a surprise babe “he say as you get into his car . he stop in front of starbucks . “come on lets go inside .”he suggest . we walk in and when you see where he walks , you gasp . at a table sit Beau and Brett you stop him “i cant go to them “you whine “why ?”he ask “im so shy “you say he sigh and pull you with him . they look up “hey bro whats up “beau say and greets zayn . Brett stand up and look at you “Hey im (Y/N) “you say shy and smile cute . “awww dont be shy gorgeous “he say and hug you . “hes right were not that bad “beau says and hug you . you sit down next to Brett and want to order ”hey babe nice to meet you here what can i get you “a familiar voice says you look up and see Leon standing there with a huge grin on his face .

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