Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


39. Should I?

Your POV-

he starts singing isn’t she lovely by stevie wonder .just with his guitar . tears falling down your cheeks when he end . he lay down his guitar , take your head in his hands and kiss first your tears away and then kiss your lips . “thank you for being there for me , to forgive me no matter what . you are the definition of perfect for me , i love you to death and would give you the world if i could , please stay with me for ever , i love you princess “he say soft into his mic . “i love you too “you manage to say because you have to hold back tears . you kiss him again very long until Zayn clears his throat “(Y/N) i know you love him but you have to go now whe have to continue ” he says and laugh you quickly wave and then run backstage . “aww that was the cutest thing i have ever seen “Shane says “he really love you “timo agrees . “Hey (Y/N) what would you do if he ask you to marry him ?”Dave ask ” i would say yes !! to 100 % , but he dont ask me “you say and smile “but you are so young “shane say “yes but you dont have to marry immediately you can be a few years engaged if you want , but someday i want to marry him of course his the one “you say and smile “well thats soooo cute i mean its every girls dream to find a boy , who is sooo sweet and caring and you know that you want to marry him “Shane say and sigh . you look at her and than at timo “hey timo i need your help with something can you come outside for a second please ?” you ask “uhm sure “he answers and follow you . ” be honest do you feel something for Shane ?”you ask “to be honest ? im madly in love with her but i cant tell her “he says shy and look at his feet . “a little bird tell me that she loves you too , just ask her out i know she say yes “you suggest “okay i try but when is the right moment ?”he ask worried “now !!!”you reply and pull him inside .”uhm …. shane…c-c-can i speak o-o-outside with you for a second ???” he ask “yeah sure what is it “she ask when they walk outside . “yeah what is going on ?”dave ask “they love each other , but are too shy to say something , now timo try to ask her out i hope she say yes “you explain . “aww thats so cuteeeee “he reply “is little dave in love too ?”you tease “nope not really”he say but you dont belive him .

-Nialls POV-

i love her so much and want to marry her but i have to tell the boys , what they think about it . we end the show and then walk in the big floor to the dressing rooms “wait a second i have to tell you something “i say nervously “yeah sure mate what is it ?”Liam says and and smiles . “uhm i think (Y/N) is the one , i-i-i want to marry her , i want to ask her at the next show “i say . a long time nobody say something then zayn lifts his head up “i think that is a good idea i mean you are too young but you can be engaged for a while , and we all see that you really love her “zayn says “thank you man “i answer “well i agree with zayn too did you see the way she looks at you ? she really loves you, please dont mess it up “harry say “i promise i dont mess it up”i reply “well mate , you have my aproval , she loves you so much and i see that you would do anything for her ” louis say and hug me . liam dont say a word so far and it scared me “Liam what do you think about it ?” i ask more nervously than ever .

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