Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


32. Security Mans Worst Nightmare

Niall imagine chapter 32

-Your POV-

you look horrified at the screen . niall noticed it and looks at the screen too and gasp “what is it ?”liam ask , now all the boys come over and read the text on the screen . ” liam im scared ,what if he find us and kill me ?”you ask liam hug you”he dont touch you ever again i promise “he say just then you hear a knock at the door “i go and answer it . i’ll be right back “harry says and walk to the door . 2 minutes later he come back with the chef from the management “hello everybody i make it short (Y/N) needs a security man we dont want that this happen again . at the show tonight she sit backstage with two security mens , and she dont go to any shootings or interviews . and you are not allowed to go outside without two security mens. ” he say and sit down “is he really that dangerous ?”you ask him “yes he is psychologically ill . he is a professional killer and he hates it as he lost the chance to kill you ” he answers . you gasp in shock and fear .”but dont worry he dont do anything to you the police start searching him “the man say . he explains a few more things and then say goodbye . you and Hazza decide to do an twitcam together . he starts and it says over 400000 viewers ! most of the fans asking whats going on so you answer them with a shaky voice “Well , sorry that we cant go outside anymore and take pics with you or sign something but there’s a man who tries to kill me and now me and the boys are not allowed to go outside anymore , but no fear the show tonight take place . ” suddenly harry pull out a photo from the man “hazza where do you get these photo ?”you ask in shock “from the police “he simply says “well i know you care much about (Y/N) . please when you see his man call the police ! ” harry says . all the fans comment that they would do anything for you and that they help and support you . you talk a little bit more with the fans and then say goodbye “thank you guys you are the best fans the boys could ask for ” you say and then close the laptop . “what do we do now ? Im bored “you groan harry chuckles . “well wats about we play a little bit mario cart (Y/N) vs. Harry alright ? ” he suggestet “okay “you say and run downstairs to the couch “but dont be sad when you loose babe i know im better than you “he teases “in your dreams styles “you say and laugh . the countdown comes 3….2…1 you drive with peach and harry with mario . “woah you asshole , fuck you toad “you scream as toad crashed into you ,harry starts laughing “what are you laughing at styles , this bastard crashed into me ” you say and hit toad back . suddenly someone take the controller away from you “hey thats not fair i was winning “you whine . ” Harry you are a bad bad person you know when she plays this game she becomes agressive and swears ” liam says with a sternly voice “but li i like her when she does that ! its so funny ” harry says . you start laughing and harry start to tickle you . you shriek and run away he chases after you bump hard into niall “what the fuck , babe whats going on ?”he ask you shriek again as harry catches you “haaarrryyyy noooooo “you laugh he throw you over his shoulder and carrys you back to the living room “niall help meeee “you scream between a fit of laughter . he shakes his head “nope princess you deserve it moreover i love your laugh “he answers and you playfully glare at him . “guys stop it we have to go ! (Y/N) go changing ” liam shouts . “woah do what daddy direction says “zayn laughs . you giggle one more time and the run upstairs and change into you run back downstairs “ok we can leave im ready “you say . you jump on the back from your bodyguard john and put your legs around his waist “hey !”he laughs but hold you tight so you dont fall on the ground . the boys and you get into the car . you arrive at the arena and go straight backstage to the dressing rooms were you have to stay the whole times . you have a Tv in the room so you can watch the boys concert , but you are bored really fast . so you jump up and run out of the room in the direction where the stage is john follows you but he is not as fast as you “hey ! (Y/N) wait ! ” he yells now you are at the door to the stage , you open it and run on the stage chased by john . the boys perform up all night and the fans went crazy when they see you . the boys turn around and see you . john is now on the stage too , “urgh “you say and run at the end of the stage . paul runs over to you lift you up and carrys you to the sofa on the stage . “haha (Y/N) i dont know that you can run so fast , missed us already huh ?” niall says kisses you and laugh “well a big applause for my little kitten . with her , all our security have a hard life shes as fast as a leopard “harry says and laughs . the boys perform a few more songs and you dance with them . now its turn to ask questions over twitter . the boys goof around until a question appears that let you all gasp in shock :Hello princess you are indeed faster as the security man but not as fast as me xoxo see you very soon . my game is not finished .


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