Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


31. Scared

Nialls POV-

i look shocked at my phone “whats wrong niall who called you ?” Zayn ask “it was the man who raped (Y/N) , he said we wants to finish his game , and then he said see ya later “i stutter ”shit .i think we have only two options then :(Y/N) cant work or go outside without us or we make a plan to catch him “Harry suggested .”and the plan is what ?”liam ask . ” (Y/N) go outside alone and then he thinks its his chance and tries to catch her but we hiding a few meters away with the police and catch him .” harry say “the plan is stupid “zayn reply “i dont want him to see her ever again or that he can get the chance to touch her or speak to her “liam says ” i failed as guardian .”he sighs and put his head in his hands . louis stroke his back “no you dont . you are our daddy direction since we were put together at the x-factor . she loves you to death in her view you havent failed , you are the best cousin and daddy direction she could ask for ” louis says and we all agree .liam look up and smiles lightly “thank guys .”2 hours later (Y/N) steps into the room ” we can go now im okay “she explains i go over to her and kiss her “i love you , you are so strong , i promise he dont speak to you or touch you again “i say and hug her she groan in pain “please more careful sweetheart “she says . and i walk one step away from her , all the boys jump up and hug her . you walk to the entrence and what a surprise all over the parking lot are paparazzi. (Y/N) stumble the whole time so i lift her up and carry her to the car . we get into the car and harry drives away . “can we stop at starbucks pllleeeeeeaaassseee “(Y/N) begs “babe no ! look at you , you cant go to starbucks like this , then all the people see your bandages , we drive home and you change and then we can go to starbucks i promise little princess ” i say she looks at me with and pout “fine “she says . as we arrive she run straight to her room and change when she comes outside she wears :  “lets go “she say . i take her hand “whos coming with us ?” i ask , louis raises his hand . “okay then lets go “i say louis takes her other hand and we walk out of the hotel . wich is swarmed by tons of fans and paps . when they see us the scream and shriek .

-Your POV-

the boys sign a few papers and take photos . a little girl with a princess costume is pushed around by the big fans “hey stop it . you hurt her !” you yell and lift her up “can i have a photo with you ?” she ask “yeah sure princess whats your name love ? ” you ask “my name is Arianna “she says with a shy voice . you smile “wow thats a gorgeous name . where is your mommy ?” “i don know , the big girls pushed me away from her ” she pulled out her camera and take a photo . you kiss her on the cheek “come on we go search your mommy . “you suggested “hey babe this little princess lost her mom i go and search her ok ?”you ask “wait me and louis come with you “he say and put an arm around your waist .you take all a pic together and then go search her mom .wich leans at the wall and looks around for her daughter “madame here is arianna , she was pushed around by the big girls .”you say smile and give the women her daughter back . “omg thank you so much “she say and sighs in relief . you wave to arianna one last time and then walk away hand in hand with nialler and lou . you dont have to wait long at starbucks . the cashier is an handsome guy one year older than you (16) . “hey beautiful what do you want ?” he ask politely but it was obviously that he trys to flirt with you .Niall give him a death stare but he dont notice that “uhm one caramel frappuccino please “you say shy and look at the ground . “ok one second “he reply and walk away after 1 minute he comes back with your drink “that makes 3$ please “he says and smiles you give him a 5 $ bill . he gives you a 2 $bill back and touches long your hand , but you quickly pull away . niall takes your hand and pull you out of the starbucks “woah 1 more pickup line and he is dead “niall hisses “pshhh niall calm down i wasnt flirting back “you say and hold out your frappuccino so he can drink a little bit of it . suddenly louis begins to laugh badly “what is it lou i want to laugh too “you say almost with a smile on your face “t-t-the boy write down h-h-his number on your cup hahah “he laughs . you look down and noticed it and he also write down “call me maybe xx Leon ” niall reads “do you call him ?” he asks worried “yup right now wait “you say and pull out your phone “Hello leon ?” “ahhh hi you are …. ? “ “my name is (Y/N) uhm i want to say thank you for your number but that was not very intelligent , my boyfriend stands right next to me and now niall is very angry ” “what you are the girlfriend of niall ? niall horan ?” “ähh yup ” ” say him sorry for hitting on you bye “he quickly says and hung up . niall and lou begins to laugh . you walk back home and enter the apartment . you sit down on the couch and check your tumblr when an anonym message appears with an picture :Hey love you looked nice today i like yor nice ass xoxo see ya soon . and a picture from you , niall and lou in starbucks .



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