Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


4. Really, With Her?!?!?!

“Hey (Y / N), did you like the show,” Cody asked with a huge grin on his face. “OMG, the show was amazin. do you like it ?” You ask, “Yes, I like it too . wanna dance with me, honey?” “Sure, I’ll go to tell Liam , give me 2 minutes” you answer and walk over to liam “Li I go dancing with Cody ok?” “OK, but we want to go in 45 minutes because everyone is very tired,” he says, “ok luv you” you smile and go back to Cody, “ok, we can go but I only have 45 minutes …” ” that’s ok, “he says and grab your hand and begin to dance on the dance floor. “First, I have to say I have a secret girlfriend and I know that you are in love with Niall, so my mission is to help you to come together with him ,” he says, “uhhh yeah thats right it is so obvious, what is the plan? ” you say, with red cheeks. “Yes it was, but I think that he do not noticed it . The idea is that we will buy you some nice clothes and when You go home you ask for his opinion , and tell him your feelings . I think It is a good plan, “he says” ok you’re right thats a good plan. when we go shopping? “You ask,” tomorrow at 11.00 clock, I’ll pick you up. uh I think you just have to go ,they call you ” ” Yes, ok bye “You give him a big hug and kiss on the cheek” good bye sleep well honey. ” you waved again and go out with the boys.


It makes me sad to see her with this jerk! I realized that I did not tell her. “Lets go, or I fell asleep right here,” Louis yawns. i can not look her in the eyes. I’m sitting in the car between zayn and Harry and (Y / N) sits between Harry and Liam. “So (Y / N), how was Cody” Harry winked with a cheeky smile. “Really cool, hes so nice and warmly, we go shopping tomorrow.” when we get home I stormed out of the car and sraight to my room did not want them to see my tears.tonight was awful (Y / N) Flirt with Cody Simson and I dont notize me . Now I let the tears of anger, sadness and jealousy stream down my face.

-Your POV-

niall acts weird . just in the moment we arrived he stormed out of the car not saying anything , you look worried and confused ” guys wait a minute i have to tell you something . uhm im in love with niall and i know he dont like me back but i want to tell him this tomorrow ” you spit out “well (Y/N) he i-” harry interrupt liam by sayng “he is weird because he dont feel well . i go and speak to him ok ? dont worrie love ” “oke thank you harry i go sleeping now bye ” they all give you a huge hug and kiss on the cheek . you go to your bedroom and change into you cuddle up into your bed and fall asleep soon . the next morning you wake up by kissing you someone on your forehead “hey sleeping beauty you have to get up its almost 10.30 o’clock ” liam says softly , now you are full awake “WHAT are you kidding me F**k i have to leave at 11.00 o’clock ” with that you run out of your room straight into the bath room . and take a quick shower . and put on makeup and a cute outfit  just in the moment when you finished you hear a knock at the door . “its for meeeeeee “you yell . you open the door “hey sweeeetteeee ready to go ? ” you give cody a big hug “yup” . You go to forever 21 , chanel ,H&M and so on and after 3 hours you decide to go home and tell niall about your crush , by the way you bought “bye love good luck ” “thank you i need it ” you reply . you walk into the apartment as you hear strang noises from up stairs . you happily walkt in nialls room “niall can we tal-” you stop stand there in shock . you caught niall doing it with a blond slut . “im so sorry “you stutter and ran out “(Y/N) WAIT ” niall yells

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