Adopted by Payne Loved by Horan

You were just a normal teenage girl until a tragic car accident changed your Life, now you are living with One Direction, got a Great Job, and fallen hardly in love, but theres always obstacles in Love...


47. Piss Drunk

Your POV-

you walk inside and search for your table where you sit the whole night . thankfully you sit with miley and liam at a table . you greet him with one kiss on each cheek and miley with a hug “hey im (Y/N) “you introduce yourself “and this is Nialls brother greg ”you say and he smiles . you sit down and chat a little bit with them ,when suddenly miley stare at your finger “wow honey is that a engagement ring ???? “she says liam look at you “what you are engaged ????? “he ask “uhm yeah niall proposed to me at his last concert “you say shy “awww this is sooo sweet , and this ring is so gorgeous wow “she says “when is the wedding ?” she ask ” its not planed yet but you are invited “you say and smile cute . you cant speak anymore because the show starts and karl lagerfeld steps onto the stage “welcome to this Dance gala , but before we start our little dinner , i want to say a little bit . well i dont know if she is here tonight, but she inspire me , she is smart , she is kind and stunning , please (Y/N) stand up “he say . you stand up and blush “there she is , honey please come upstairs to me “he says , you slowly walk up the stairs and stand beside him he takes your hands “for me you are the perfect model , please be the advertising face for my new collection “he ask and you gasp “omg yes i wuld love to do it , its such a honor thank you “you say . the audience cheers as you walk down and sit back at your Chair .”where is niall tonight ?” Liam ask “he goes out with Mila tonight “you say “what why ?”miley ask “because she told her parents she have a husband and she has only one friend and that is niall “you say and shrug your shoulders . you quickly change the subject and talk until the appetizer comes you have order a little salad with chicken and Greg has ordered sushi “hey babe wanna try it taste delicious “greg ask you nod ” i never eat sushi before”you say he smiles and feets you with one little bite , and he was right it tastes delicious “mmmmm it taste good “you say and kiss his cheek “thanks “you say. you finish the appetizer and wait for the main course .during the whole dinner you feed each other and let the other guess what it is . after the dinner the whole people -around 150 celebritys- walk over to a gigantic hall , where you can dance or eat some snacks .Greg pulls you on the dance floor .you dance until your feets hurt and then sit down on a couch . “hey we go to a club now wanna come too ????”miley ask you look unsure at greg “sure”he says and smiles. so you get into a taxi and drive to a near club , and dance the whole night , you dont mind as you play a few drinking games with them but after 5 rounds you are really drunk “comeeee ooonnnnn paaaarrrrtttttyyyy “you shout and giggle . greg who is drunk too but sober enough to realize that you have to go home because its almost 5 o’clock , get you two into a taxi and drive to nialls and his house . greg and you giggle the whole time and goof around “oooopppsssiiii “you laugh as you stumble into the house and fall down “haha come on babe i help you “greg says and lifts you up . you giggle even more and walk into the living room and see niall and liam sleeping on the couch “babeeeeessssss waaaakkkkeeeee uuuupppp “you yell and start to giggle histerically , greg starts to laugh too . “what ??? (Y/N) ??” niall mumble and rub his eyes . Liam looks stunned at greg “are you two drunk ?”he ask “hihhihihihih maybe a little bit “you say and accidently stumble and fall into nialls lap “greg are you serious ? see what you have done you got her piss drunk “niall hiss at his brother .

-Nialls POV-

“greg are you serious ? see what you have done , you got her piss drunk ” i hiss at greg who seems quite sober now “im sorry we were at a club and play drinking games with miley and liam”he defends himself “greg you are unbelivable . we talk about this in the morning not now “liam says and together we carry (Y/N) upstairs and lay her down on my bed “thanks i care about her now ” i say , liam leaves and close the door .”im not tired baby “she giggles and suddenly she press her hand against her mouth and run into the bathroom and throw up and i hold back her hair

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